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Body Movements and State of Being

Are you aware your body posture tells your inner story?  How you hold yourself is a statement to the world.  It is an open book  to those who can read it.  
Take a moment to consider your own posture world story:Notice your chest between your breasts.

  • Is this area exposed and out facing the world (yang) or is this area sunken and protected from the world (yin)?
  • Are your shoulders set back and wide (yang) or are they hunched forward and down (yin)?
Now notice your breathing while considering these two postures.  As you breath in and out does your posture shift in these above mentioned areas or do you hold this posture locked into place?
Regardless of how you are holding your chest, shoulders and arms, begin to soften this area from it’s automatic holding pattern.  Try the following for a short series of 4 or 5 breathing cycles:

  • If you are yang – broad chested go into a yin position slowly with your next exhalation of breathe.  With an inhalation go into your normal posture.
  • If you are yin – sunken and protected chest,  rise up and go into a yang position with your next inhalation.  Return to your familiar posture on an exhalation.
Notice any changes your feel either physically, mentally or emotionally after a cycle of  4 or 5 breathes and continue for another 2 to 3 cycles of 4 to 5 breathes.  Remember to alternate between the two postures.  Stop to notice between cycles any differences you feel.This pattern of breathing releases your spine which settles your nervous system!  Notice how this reduces your stress throughout the week if you continue to integrate these simple breathing exercises daily!

The possible yin/yang chest stories:

Yin – represents the moon, water and emotions – Too much without balance of Yang – introverted (Western culture labels it – being a victim)
Yang – represents the sun, dessert and action – Too much without yin – extroverted (Western culture labels it – aggressive)

For more on posture balancing & how it can improve your whole life experiencing – email: renee(at)insideawareness(dot)com