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Imagine eating something that contributes to your whole well-being; physical, mental, emotionally and spiritually

I recently posted a picture of sourdough bread on Instagram with a mention that I hadn’t purchased bread in a year.  It got a few heart likes and some reply’s.

What I didn’t have space to write is the difference in me reaching for my bread and noticing my room mates plastic bags of bread.   Now I can differentiate between my experience of my baked bread and purchased plastic bags of bread from the grocer.  I have a connection to the bread that wasn’t there before that is tangible. An illusive experience of connection has become obvious through integration of growing a sourdough starter and feeding it for over a year while learning to create loaves of bread with it.

For me, this is an act of illusive activism as well.  No more plastic bags, twist ties or plastic tabs to hold the bag together!  It’s a win, win.  Healthier connection to food resources, healing myself and the planet.

Why healing?  Imagine eating something that you connects you to your own creativity and contributes to your whole well-being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritually.  Each mouth full is a feel good moment.  It deepens inner support and confident and strength.  Especially for those of us that didn’t have the tools modeled for them to tap into their inner strength.

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