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‘Super Moon’ Infused Waters

7 Energy Center Colored Bottles

A ritual I enjoy is infusing water with the full moon energies.  These waters are then used on alters, creating essences, drinking, watering plants and balancing energy centers.  This picture  shows bottles to reflect the colour of each of the 7 Chakra energy centers.  These centers govern different functions from emotions to body parts.

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Coloured Bottles for Infusing Water

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How to get started

by Renee Lindstrom

Awareness Through Living Mentoring Programs Available:

 1st Level – Getting Started (Introduction & Pattern)
 2nd Level – Getting Intouch (Experiencing & Connection)
 3rd Level – Integration (Embodiment)

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
Renee Lindstrom Live

Natures Elements in Ceremony

  • Saturday, Jan 24th, 1 – 4 pm

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Enjoy exploring the language of nature  and create a deepened connection between yourselves and your community by introducing natures elements into your ceremony.  This will include natures elements;  earth, metal, water, wood and fire, and the messages in your bouquets.  This will add meaning and a new dimension to your celebrations.  Spend the afternoon learning the basics of creating and integrating sacred space that starts with intention and explore how to increase your communities support in a unique way.  This workshop is suitable for brides, wedding planners and those wishing to bring ritual and ceremony into their personal experiencing. 1/45.00 Class 124355

Register @ Monterey Recreation Centre – 250-370-7300 or online starting in Dec