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Body Beautiful – Weight Loss 7: Going forward from here

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP


Somewhere along this journey I accidentally lost over 60 pounds, dropped 10 inches from around my waist and watched the bulges and pockets disappear and now the overall body weight  is decreasing evenly.  The bodies natural reversibility.

I have the intention of loosing 40 pounds yet my focus is on the growing experience of spontaneous love for food at it sources and being creative with it.    In this growing appreciation for food I recognize that the models I have had did not allow for learning this connection to food.  My own mother hated the kitchen and considered it a chore.  She depended upon her older daughter to learn and take over cooking however didn’t have time or energy to integrate and knowledge with this younger one.  I learned through reaction to her feeling and strategies in meal preparation.  As an em-path and highly kinesthetic what I was left with feeling internally was a sense of dirtiness, shame, doubt and guilt when it came to food, diets and cooking, etc.

I am excited  about my accidental weight lose.  It wasn’t some trending program I followed and it wasn’t based upon self-judgement or self-image.  It began quite innocently when I became more intent on understanding  what herbal and nutritional benefits my growing environment could offer.  This exploration became a lifestyle change that over time I began to have an increased sensory connection to what I was consuming and creating into remedies, teas and dyes.  I began to notice an inner shift in my emotions,  gut health and increased energy and physical strength.  As the exploration expanded into creating fermented foods, home-made yogurt and cream cheese with the by-product whey I noticed that immediately that the food portions dropped naturally eating less.  With the addition of fermented foods my brain seemed to have more clarity, gut health improved, emotions became less distracting and most importantly taking action became immediate versus mulling it over.

I am thankful for experiencing the deeper relationship food resources have to our motivation, inspiration, mental, emotional, physical and brain health.  Adding live food through a mind-set of curiosity and exploring has broaden my inner horizons where new creative and spontaneous qualities of response are emerging.  These responses are ones that increase inner confidence and self-love with a growing passion and sense of humor.  The joy and appreciation are spontaneous qualities that are outcomes of awe and interplay between food and functional well-being.   The heart-felt connection isn’t contrived thought patterns or a result of devotional faith.  It is a spontaneous quality of essence or vibration, no thought, no words.

Immersing into a somatic learning experience of  food resources has settled the survival qualities of fear, terror, anxiety and struggle.  Gone is the open wound of hunger, mentally, emotionally, physically and vibrationally.

This shift has not only increased my knowledge of the food component to functional well-being that emanates on all levels, it has enhanced the quality of my experience.  It has quietly shifted my focus of attention away from my to do list, inner-personal conflicts, memories and survival struggles.

My intention for going forward is to expand integrate and learning of live foods into my daily lifestyle through the somatic experience of physical, mental, emotional and now vibrational well-being.  Turning to nature has included getting to know individual plants and trees growing around me and learning what is culinary, medicinal and those for skin, hair and dye remedies.  This exploration evolved with the seasons to creating fermented foods, home-made yogurt, cream-cheese, whey, apple cider vinegar and more.

My personal direction now will be focused upon building  like-minded relationships with those interested in these similar values and intention for exploring the nature of food and interplay with the source of our functioning qualities.  My growing awareness is supporting an illusive consciousness that it is the connection to this relationship with food source that life evolves around.     I know first hand how not being in a like-minded environment can confuse and sabatosh ones intended direction!

How to Loose Weight by creating a Foodie Lifestyle Naturally

Two immediate ways Renee can help you with your weight loss are 

  1.  Coaching Options:
    • Turning intentions into goals
    • Goals Setting & Home Audit and Support
  2.  Food Consciousness Building & Education

Steps to Loosing Weight

  1.  Commit by connecting to intention (separate fitness intention for diet, they are not married and if necessary create a second intention for fitness)
  2.  Food Lifestyle assessment to guarantee it’s doable (remember diet extends into the kitchen, fridge, garden and grocer.  It doesn’t extend to the gym or track)
  3.  Choose a diet plan that’s right for you remembering to make it about you and not about the diet.  (Remember that if you choose a trending diet eventually you will go off it and then what? where is the learning integration?)
  4. Get support for keeping your intention and turning them into goals. (Remember a mentor, group or community can  motivate increase incentive to reach your potential)
  5. Acknowledge results with a coach or in a journal.  (Noticing change is the point of mindful awareness and expressing regret or celebrating versus beating yourself up is the new change agent)

Connect with Renee now to get on board with your weight loss program


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