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Alternative to facial touch for pain management during COVID times

Prior to COVID I would introduce new patterns of movements in ones facial features using touch to ease pain and or anxiety.  Due to COVID and masks this is not available now.  This has sent me on on a quest to discover ways to engage students to focus attention on these areas themselves.  One solution has led to testing an aventurine stone roller for the face.  I chose this natural stone for it’s qualities.  If you are interested in the metaphysics of stones,  this one is associated with the heart chakra and calming thoughts.  However physically it is associated with calming the skin and being a natural anti-inflammatory.

After only a few days I am noticing a difference in the tone of my muscles along  my jaw, in my cheeks and inner eyebrows.  At first I was surprised to feel the tension and size of these muscles through the rollers feedback.  The muscles along the inner eyebrow seemed inflamed and achy.  This was  important feedback to my own muscle behaviour.

The stone is cool to the touch and  these is surprisingly enjoyable.  As it warms up through rolling the skin and muscles become more pliable.  For these reasons I strongly recommend this product to my students who are managing pain and anxiety, and for anyone managing TMJ and/or teeth issues, migraine headaches, eyestrain and ear and throat issues.

Researching this roller took some time as these past years the quality of stones being marketed  look questionable.  I found many inexpensive aventurine stone rollers being marketed as Jade yet they do not look in appearance to be Jade nor do they look authentic.  The colouring, depth and weight of this roller is aventurine.  Find it on Amazon (affiliate link) if you are interested in giving it a go.

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by Renee Lindstrom

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