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10 Words commonly confused with feelings

Theses 10 words are mistakenly used to describe feelings when they are words to describe experiences or make evaluations.  Check out beside them what the true feelings of the speaker might be when they are used:

 1.  Abandoned  – terrified, hurt, bewildered, sad, frightened, lonely

2.  Attached – scared, angry, defiant, hostile

3.  Belittled – angry, frustrated, tense, distressed

4.   Betrayed – angry, hurt, disappointed, enraged

5.  Blamed – angry, scared, confused, antagonistic, hostile, bewildered, hurt

6.  Bullied – angry, scared

7.  Cornered – angry, scared, anxious

8.  Criticized – in pain, scared, anxious, frustrated, humiliated, angry, embarrassed

9.  Disliked – sad, lonely, hurt

10.  Dumped on – angry, overwhelmed

What might the root causes of these feeling experiences be?  More at Root Causes of 10 feelings.