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Drawing in white light for cleansing & protection

It’s not often that I draw upon bringing in healing white light with students in transition from inner and outer experiences of pain and suffering.   The purpose  would be to bring some ease and peace in the burden they carry inside and on their shoulders that is weighing them down.

Clarity of perception in conversations versus reaction states has shown over and over these past years to be enough to cut through heavy, tar like sensation one finds themselves feeling after long-term experiences of chronic unmet needs.   Needs for being valued, (to be seen, heard or to matter).

Focus of attention versus beliefs, concepts, opinions & perspectives 

Some ways that have increased the crispness  of actions to create balance and harmony  has been through transforming inner habits and developing clarity through physical functions (not referring to exercise or postures),  conscious and fair dialogues that everyone has equal contribution to expressing their needs in a way that is heard, and in understanding how the environment influences and stimulates ones  reactions.

Law of Attraction

However,  I have witnessed that when the fear of taking a personal supportive action can reach a level of panic that can sometimes block tapping into these ways for defusing and calming that heightened experience.  Achieving clarity and conscious understanding is constrained by the resistance to taking personal actions.  The cause can be as simple as fear of change and the unknown.  The known is sometimes perceived as being better than what one expects the outcome could be.

This level of fear usually is at the level of ‘fear of dying.’  I can remember being in a personal session with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg where he was listening to me and another person while holding space for our sharing equally.  At one point he turned to the other person and said, “Do you know she is afraid of dying?”  This other person responded, “Yes and I regret it.”   I personally have experienced this level of fear and panic and, in that moment of witnessing and honesty,  I was able to take right action for myself.  However, until that connection was made for me the experience was a  tangle of unresolved issues and perceived consequences  bonding that person and I in pain and suffering.

Sometimes the resistance can not be engaged through movement, dialogue or changing the space.  To calm and bring clarity one may begin the process of drawing white light to surround them and clear themselves.  This technique is one that is used in many traditions for cleansing and protection.  I have learned that it can be used anywhere and at anytime for support to ground, and find balance and clarity.  I find it reduces panic and can be a  beneficial tool for support that can create the potential to have a dialogue, increase flexibility and calm the space.

Description of  bringing in the white light

Part One Surroundings

  1. To start I suggest one imagine or visualize an egg shape surrounding them.
  2. The  second steps is to draw in the white light from above to surround them inside this egg shape.  
  3. Once  the white light is surrounding one inside this egg shape I then suggest that one imagine or visualize the light turning in in an *anticlockwise way for a couple of moments.
  4. As soon as one stops turning it (white light) in an *anticlockwise way, then start to turn it in a clockwise way immediately for a few moments.
  5. Slowly release the visualization while focusing on a quality of giving thanks to the universe,
  6. (one of my favourite blessings is share with students is borrowed from the Hawaiian tradition – Ho’oponopono prayer).

Part Two – Physical Body

After one has practiced Part one for at least two to three days these two steps can be added after completing the about four steps.

  1. Now bring the surrounding white light into the physical body in a swirling way that is moving anticlockwise for a few moments.
  2. Again immediately upon finishing with swirling anticlockwise begin to swirl it clockwise.
  3. Slowly release the visualization while focusing on a quality of giving thanks to the universe,  (one of my favourite blessings is share with students is borrowed from the Hawaiian tradition – Ho’oponopono prayer).
*Anticlockwise – Opening to clear & cleanse
*Clockwise – Closing and surrounding

Please note:  If the level of fear is too high, one may be afraid of the consequences of this White Light exercise.  There may be a need for support to find reassurance and guidance for a good practitioner that is trustworthy.  It could be a leader from their faith community that can bring safety.

About Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

A  foundation to the evolution of Renee’s practice was working with energy.  In her own experiences the unresolved need in relationships of a lifetime led to an opening for certain energies to emerge affecting her surroundings.  She began training and researching ways to clean and end these effects.  This led to supporting others in their environment for clearing residual energies and influences.  While doing so she witnessed some of the root causes in people’s perspectives, belief systems and interactions that opened them up to experiencing these energies.  This led to training and offering practical tools that one can do to transform their own experiences.

by Renee Lindstrom

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Co-creating with Sacred Ceremony for Clearing and Manifesting Fresh Intentions

By Renee Lindstrom, August 10, 201520150810_121721-1

Clearing Space with Invocation

Why & When

Clearing space is different from clearing clutter in your home for the simple fact that space is intangible.  It fills up much like a room fills with junk, yet it is invisible, therefore unconscious.  Clearing ones space at home, office or property could benefit by following the four seasons following the  new moon.  It not four time a year, the second choice would be two times a year; fall into winter or spring into summer.   Finally if only once a year,  spring would be third choice.  However if there is a major rift, conflict or natural occurrence, this intentional clearing with invocation would benefit a transition.


Preparing a family or group for a clearing ceremony  I give reminders it is important to know what to fill the space up with. In a clearing ceremony that co-creates with spirit it is important to consider the wishes of the physical participants living or working in the space that you are clearing.    You may wish to have children take part by asking them what qualities they would enjoy filling their home with or the workers in your business.  However, it is important that you include only the people who are creating action physically in the particular space being cleared.   The purpose of clearing and manifesting for the real space is enriched by being present.  The purpose of clearing is to start fresh in the space for those experiencing it and having an openness to those of the past join in person if right, and for new life to enter.

If a focus is to recognize and honor the elders of the past,  one could place an item on the altar to represent the ancestors.   The statement to spirit could be that you are including your elders in the space you are holding, therefore stating  this is your cultural foundation.

It has two equally important parts that includes a focus of ones attention on the inner intention and outer manifestation.  It is book-ended with an opening and a closing.  The ceremonial clearing has five steps in three transitional stages.

Part One – Clarity of Intention

This is the mindful contemplation to clarify the qualities one is longing for.   Recommendation is to turn all thought patterns of what is not wanted into what is longed for.  Spirit cannot connect to what isn’t wanted especially when it is not in for the highest good of all.

If a home or office or other situations where you may not include all the participants, it is a holding of space for them with the highest good for all.  There are circumstances as a business owner or parent where all the needs of the group may be held in the qualities you are longing for.

Part Two – Ceremony

5 Steps for Sacred Ceremony for Clearing and Manifesting Fresh Intentions


#1.  Create an Alter 

This is  that start of connecting to spirit in a concrete way.  Placement of objects on an altar is a clear manifestation of the intentions of those attending the ceremony.  This altar is set up for this event and taken down afterwards ceremoniously.

#2.  Calling in Spirit

Calling in spirit with an invocation is made in an attitude of  heart-felt respect for all living thing and with spirit.  The purpose is for declaring the intention of the person, or group, that begins with a prayer and  declaration of intention.

#3.  Clearing

Clearing is the physical action to symbolically represent the groups connection to co-creating consciously with the intention of the ceremony and each other in community.

#4.  Filling Space Up

It is important to fill the freshly cleared space up with a traditional smoke or sound that would tap into earlier cultural traditions.  Like the objects on the altar to state the intention of manifestation , it is important to reflect this in the space and not to leave it empty.  Leaving the space empty without inner and outer connection creates a vacuüm that will be filled regardless of being consciously connected to it or not.

#5.  Giving thanks to Spirit

Ending the formal ceremony is important and is done back at the altar to give thanks to spirit and express gratitude’s.   This is done with an appreciative attitude in a way that proclaims it is done.  The intention is set and already in action – it is done and already happening.

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