Hard to rock past choices in January!

January can be the time where it’s hard to rock past choices that weren’t in alignment with what makes you truly happy. Sometimes decisions are made from a mindset of what ones thinks is safe or from others bad advice, yet what is unknown is the long term effects of false safety choices. (Safety isn’t stagnant, it’s in ones agility) Long term effects begins to express themselves through the range of depressed and anxious emotions in one’s emotional, mental, and physical functions. It seems January is when the reality of the truth hits. After the glitter distraction of December with social engagements and the ra ra of New Year’s celebrations and goal projections, January can be when there is no denial. It’s obvious. The biggest recommendation I am currently sharing is for individuals to get back to the simple basics of committing to themselves. Rather than focus on an ego driven topics of the day the suggestion is to begin to privately set yourself up for success. The first step is to celebrate the wins and regret the losses. This begins with writing out 3 to 5 things at night of what you would like to accomplish the next day. That’s the commitment.

At the end of that next day reflect on the goals you accomplished and celebrate yourself by noticing how it feels. (yes, feelings can be the celebration!) For the ones you didn’t do pause and consider what you did do. Afterall life is spontaneous and there is more than one choice in any moment. So what did you do? Hold both regret and celebration for not meeting a goal but recognizing the unintended one. Pulling back this veil is the only way one can tap into what is meaningful making recognition of choices in the moment easier. An attitude will emerge with increased clarity of what is more meaningful, the goal or the distraction. Staying on track will become easier. It’s all in the mindset and shifting it for an improved way of being with self.

The bonus is that this pattern shifts habits and soon getting up in the morning is easier and brighter. It’s all in the intention. Intention creates motivation. So include an inner commitment to connect to self for integrating change from the inside out. Balance out the extroverted broadcasting that becomes the pedestal that can cause mental, emotional and physical crashes.

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  
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