Boost Immune System through eating to fight infections & viruses

Be curious about what is growing in front of your feet before running to the market and stocking up on dehydrated and processed foods!

What’s growing around you is actually in sync with your seasonal needs.  For example, detoxifying plants packed with so much nutritional value they are called, “super foods,” has been growing in the Greater Victoria area since December.

In the past week I felt the symptoms of an sinuous infection that seemed to put pressure on my teeth and stimulate their nerves.  The pain became intolerable when the nerves became agitated so it was hard to tell what was going on. My first thought was to find the Oregon Grape tincture to fight infection.  My second was to find some homeopathic remedies for the acute pain.  Within a few excruciating moments the pain  had subsided.  Then it was time to wait and observe.  Continuing with doses of Oregon Grape tincture, over the evening and next day, I found that in 24 hours the infection  symptoms had disappeared along with the sensitivity.

When I became curious about what was growing in my own backyard that could support me through my cold and flu five years ago turned out to be the best exploration ever.  It changed my life!

I am thankful for the time and effort spent since then exploring all the plant benefits growing in my area as a food source or medicinal.  I belief the rapid healing response was due in part to incorporating them into a healthy diet.  An example of this is starting the day with a green juice of freshly picked chickweed, dock, dandelion, baby kale and cleavers, and combined with ginger and asparagus.   This drink is followed in 15 minutes with a kefir smoothie (pro-biotic) with grapefruit, pineapple, berries, avocado, nut butter and turmeric.  In five or so minutes a few fermented black garlic cloves follows.  Many of these food items are immune boosting,  anti-inflammatory and natural anti-biotics.

I suspect another reason for this quick outcome is due in part to a natural pattern of eating has emerged which is intermittent fasting.  This has organically become a part of the eating rhythm.  Introducing fresh nutrition, and fermented and cultured foods seemed to change the eating plan and schedule organically.  A natural progression of increased time between the day’s last meal and the next days first foods occurred from the food experience itself.    Not only does this support the crown chakra needs, physically it supports ones liver, colon and thyroid.  I have personally noticed that my metabolism has become faster and more alert, my gut is lighter and my elimination process is healthier.

The best possible outcome for me is the change in my thinking and the stories I tell myself.  I no longer use labels or have any diet rules.  There are no should’s, should of’s  or stories around eating something creating feelings of guilt.  Now it’s a feeling of appreciation with the thought focused on how this food item is nutrition for a functioning part.  Such as eating strawberries or kefir.  When eating them my thought is on how it is feeding my brain.  Kefir is feeding my colon living pro-biotics and feeding my brain the B vitamins it needs to function at a higher level.

Nourishing my spirit

It is a joy to love and appreciate the food source with confidence of how it is contributing to my physical, mental and emotional functions.  Shifting into this way of being with food is feeding my spiritual essence that comes alive from the experience.

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How to get started

by Renee Lindstrom

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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