Sea Salt can be a boundary for sensitive people & animals

Sea Salt is a sacred element

I was reminded yesterday of a time when I used sea salt for protection regularly.  It was in a unit that had an exiting ‘spirit trail’ Which became visible after the birth of my son and daughter when my energy was at its lowest.  With this lower vitality and stamina a veil between the spirits and myself was opened.

As it happened this trail led right to my bed.    This meant that my bed was not a space of refuge but a doorway for interacting with these seeking spirits.  Exhausted and needing a balanced sleep I began using sea salt to create a boundary at my bedroom door.  I sprinkled it across the doorway with the intention of  it being a  protection and boundary that couldn’t  be crossed by these seeking spirits.  As an added protection I sprinkled it around my bed for a deepening personal protection.  It worked.  My bedroom became quiet and my bed returned to a place of rest rather than a meeting place.

Once rested I then purposely set an intention to request that  this spirit trail be re-positioned so that it did not go through my unit.  Ironically it came through my front gate to the front door and up the stairs.  After asking them to use another pathway I gave an offering of appreciation and recognition.  For me this meets my need for respect and acceptance versus the realm of  good/bad and right/ wrong.  Immediately the water cooler on the land quite moving and other sounds made to get our attention disappeared.  That was 24 years ago!

Sharing the value of sea salt as protection in a conversation I was left with a hand full of it on a mirror that I used to demonstrate its usefulness.  Later I began sprinkling it along my property line.  It happened it was a full moon when I would take this action to affirm intentions to block any aggressive behaviour or negative energy from neighbours or passerby’s.  It was this conversation that made me realize how integrated these intentions and actions are in my own self-care and how others would benefit by considering it for their own support.  .

Learning to calm down environmental influences created the balance of space to pursue in-depth functional characteristics that has led to more clarity in active motion.  Practical and profound systems that would never have been possible without these sacred action connections.

5 Easy Steps for Protection with Sea Salt

  1.  Start with sea salt (no replacements)
  2.  Get clear on your intention.
  3.  Sprinkle salt while speaking your intention.
      • in mind or out loud
  4.  Be thankful and acknowledge your appreciation.
      • by voice or offering (I use an orange as it has been used for generations – to be composted not eaten later)
 If salt is picked up during cleaning, re-set intention with fresh salt and repeat steps.

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