Body Beautiful Weight-loss 5: Phyicality

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

Amazing Body Process

Gaining weight I could observe my body as it changed and see how amazing the body is storing fat.  I have to admit that at first my body concealed the weight gain extremely well.  When it got to the point of not being able to uniformly spread the weight gain around it began to create pockets to store fat.   When these pockets where expanding beyond their ability to hold fate bulges appeared.  By the point of bulging there was no concealing it! Physically it was uncomfortable.  When you have bulges the skins becomes irritated and clothes do not stay up well.  Especially underclothes.  The reversibility of weight loss are moments of celebration and relieve as clothes begin to stay in place and stop rolling down!

How to Loose Weight by creating a Foodie Lifestyle Naturally

Steps to Loosing Weight

  1.  Commit by connecting to intention (separate fitness intention for diet, they are not married and if necessary create a second intention for fitness)
  2.  Food Lifestyle assessment to guarantee it’s doable (remember diet extends into the kitchen, fridge, garden and grocer.  It doesn’t extend to the gym or track)
  3.  Choose a diet plan that’s right for you remembering to make it about you and not about the diet.  (Remember that if you choose a trending diet eventually you will go off it and then what? where is the learning integration?)
  4. Get support for keeping your intention and turning them into goals. (Remember a mentor, group or community can  motivate increase incentive to reach your potential)
  5. Acknowledge results with a coach or in a journal.  (Noticing change is the point of mindful awareness and expressing regret or celebrating versus beating yourself up is the new change agent)

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