‘Butterfly Magic’ in the garden

by Renee Lindstrom 20/06/15

butterflyThis year is the first year that I have enjoyed the company of butterfly’s in my garden.  It seems they have come and are staying for a time.  I was asked questions about their colors for identification and couldn’t answer only to go out and have it hit me in the face and land in front of me.  It opened it’s wings and sat there for an extended period of time so I could clearly see the different colors and patterns!  I have been told it is an Admirals Larken Butterfly.  Now today when I have my camera it is being illusive!  Perhaps another day!  Except as I eat lunch it fly’s above and cast big shadows over my plate!

Butterfly Magic in the garden is different from other flying friends I have become used to visiting.  Birds began spending time with me during my pregnancy with my son.  It was the spring before a fall birth while Robin was getting ready to lay her eggs.  They (yes usually three)  stayed with me for along time and came back periodically for many years with small children.   Blue Heron visited every day for two years leading up to separation and divorce.  Along with daily visits from Blue Heron, Owls and Hawks would come during, especially during rough stretches.  Occasionally eagles.  One day a small bird walked in through the back door with me and started talking and only became agitated when I tried to free it.  Checking outside for predators I found none.  Eventually little bird stopped talking and went out on it’s way.  Recently it was Crow.  The tree outside front door would be filled with crows and they would begin talking loudly until it drew us outside.  This went on for months and was during the transition of my son getting ready to fly free of his nest!  Robin energy greeted him into the world and crow energy helped him to separate from mom.  A few months back it was Raven sitting in the Cedar as I worked with a client and on another occasion Hummingbird.  Hummingbird a lighter energy and now butterfly even lighter.

Each of these represented transitions!  Some harder than others.  The latest is with daughter as she and I unbind and untangle our bonds of dependency.  It’s speaks of a soft touch and a reminder for playfulness.  As I write this Eagle circles above three times!

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