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Embodying the Beauty Path

Home is in the heart

Embodying the Beauty Path is a way forward.  It is a journey to walk through the chaos into understanding  with tolerance of all people’s, ideas, traditions and beliefs.

Embodying the Beauty Path gives those willing to take the steps an opportunity to be change agents of their own experience rippling their inner beauty outward to others.    The change begins within and shapes your world view.  The path is translating scarcity into abundance.  It is not for the timid at heart.  It is not for the seekers who land for a moment and fly off to the next flower always looking.

It is for those longing to find  meaning and willing to dig into the soil, plant the seeds and go through the effort of pushing through the darkness finding the earth surface and light.  Growing roots of experience in the soil as beauty unfolds and blossoms.

Embodying the beauty path encompasses your way of being in the world and your lifestyle.  Those who are seeking a deeper meaning will enjoy this path. Those seeking to heal will enjoy this path.  Those seeking to be mentors will enjoy this path.  For it is a path of connection.  When you experience the beauty of connection without attachment you will experience the joy of being valued.  You will feel the joy that comes from mattering to yourself that reflects that same energy from others.

The path is cuts through your life areas and begins with behavior of the mind’s thinking to translate it into one of wholeness that includes body wisdom and understanding of outside influences.

The path gives learning options for lasting change.  The effort of resistance is the gift of cultural learning that will block deepening one’s understanding that there is more to their experience creating a locked box.  Straight concepts create straight edges that form a locked box and it takes effort to find the key to unlock it!  It can be done!  We are on this planet to learn and continue to learn beyond the strict structures of our ancestors.

Embodying the Beauty Path©  by Renee Lindstrom,  2014


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Renee Lindstrom, GCFP
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement since 2000

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