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‘all that is unsoved in your heart’

…..Be patient toward all that is unsolved in 

your heart.  Try to love the questions
like locked rooms and like books written in
a very foreign tongue.
     Do not seek the answers, which cannot
be given to you, because you would not be 
able to live them.
     And the point is, to live everything.  Live
the questions now.
…..Perhaps you will then gradually, without
noticing it, live along some distant day into
the answer.
                          Rainer Maria Rilke
Shared by Friedel Kloke-Eibl – Star of Peace, a Sacred Dance Weekend – April 20th, in Victoria, B.C.

“Moshe to his students on learning”

While you learn, would you please make your faces not so serious that you would think you’re mourning over someone.  There is nothing more pleasant, more important, more interesting than learning…..We are learning-and….being serious means not learning, but rather trying to learn, not understanding what’s being taught and writing it down so you can study it to satisfy the teacher.  (Moshe Feldernkrais, Amherst 6/9/80)

Printed in The Feldenkrais Journal, #24 2011 – Letter from the Editor – Katrin Smithback

‘Moshe’ on teaching

I worked on myself, healing my own knees. I thought I would read up on the structure (of the body) and in that way I would solve the problem myself. I refused to go to the university to learn medicine. I refused to be wired in like everybody else. I said I didn´t mind making my own mistakes but I don´t want to learn by the authority of a know professor. He will convince me because he knows better and in half a year I will lose all my curiosity.  Moshe Feldenkrais