Hitting the food re-set button

Hitting a food re-set button began a number of years ago for me while in the midst of a transition and being in the complete unknown.  I was standing on a blank canvas while coming down with a seasonal cold.

Unbeknownst to me a simple self-question began a new/old journey.  A journey that was motivated in early childhood, separated from in a later childhood lifestyle change only to return with being a new empty-nester.

I am thankful that my focus of attention unconsciously shifted to meaningful connections in the environment in new-ish ways and that I wasn’t distracted by seeking meaning in other ways.

These past years has dissolved the dysfunction of eating rules, diet labels and the dominant destructive self-abuse has stopped.  Curiosity and exploration took its place.  It happened without a plan and was a natural progression resulting from my focus of attention being distracted by this study of eating edibles weeds and making personal remedies/products from what was growing in the surrounding  community.

How has my life changed from this organic re-set button?

  1. Natural weight loss
    • thru eating what was available seasonally and slowly shifting to living foods
  2. Seasonal & food directed intermittent fasting routine increases physical, mental and emotional functions
    • the way of eating has shifted how and when eating that follows a natural body rhythm increasing body part functions
    • no longer hunger driven as body parts are  independently  receiving their individual nutritional needs
  3. Increased sensing
    • inner felt-senses increased  to the point of when ingesting food and drinks being able to notice different body parts responding
    • inner felt-sense of posture and postural transitions increased
  4. Enhanced flexibility
    • increase of flexibility to do daily functions
    • enhanced emotional states and increased resilience
  5. Simplified eating plan
    • reduction in amounts
    • increase in healthy food choices
    • loss of cravings
    • less compulsiveness in food choices when shopping to the point of no desires for common foods of the past
    • no fast food
    • increase in preparing own recipes
  6. Growing love of food
    • eating is no longer a chore, feared or something to satisfy body cravings
    • food has become an appreciative relationship of giving and receiving
  7. Education
    • foods for increased function
    • foods for healing
    • foods for natural remedies, products and growing
    • recipes
    • starting cultures and maintaining them
  8. Interplay of food and myself  has become a beautiful part of day to day living and a joyful part of life
    • fear, emptiness and hopelessness has turned into a interactive joyful connection
    • becoming grounded
    • becoming appreciative for the environment

Eating for the body replaces mental dominance over body & food

Over these past few years the interaction of experiencing living foods has reduced fear and increased self-confidence in trusting myself by increasing the connection between body and food and lessening the dominance of mental body over food  and body.

Living food engages interplay where natural is relevant

Now while outside in the yard or surrounding community nature is relevant and interacts with me.  My focus has shifted that now includes nature in my own perception of myself. A feeling of oneness,   In the past this would be an experience only after a mindful meditation retreat, however now this integration has resulted in it being the common experience.  So much so that it is evident immediately when it is absent.  It is a missing link in my physical, mental and emotional sensation.

It’s time to hit the reset button to ways of being.  Nature is living and interacts with us.  We just need to listen.

What can you do to start your own somatic food experience?

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How to get started

by Renee Lindstrom

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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