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Wearing the elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood

BeFunky Collage white dress

In this figure above showing white dresses one can see the different styles,  with added accessories and patterns.  Using the color 5 element theory these dresses can be described as:


  1. Metal
  2. Metal & Wood Pattern
  3. Metal


  1. Water
  2. Water
  3. Wood


  1. Red Belt – Fire

5 Elements

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One can begin to be aware of the elements in the colors and shapes they are wearing and learning what accessories to use and when by becoming familiar with the qualities of the 5 elements and their cycles of harmony and disharmony.

One can also learn their primary nurturing element  and begin to explore applying these principles to their wardrobe  to dress for harmony and success.  Using Chinese Cosmology find your Kua Number .  This  will give you your element and corresponding color palette.  If at first you are not drawn to your elements color range explore what elements support your primary nurturing element.  For example in the 5 element theory wood supports fire.  If the fire range is too strong a range for you, consider the wood palette as wood supports fire!

Kua Elements

What 5 element are you? Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood 

Learning your element, one can then begin to explore the 5 element cycle of harmony or disharmony to accessorize their outfit to express the experience they are wearing.  An example is in the first figure in frame one of the white dress that is in a metal color, water shape and accessorized with a red belt which reflects fire.  In 5 element theory metal creates water so the style and color are in harmony yet the contrasting belt is fire which is considered to melt metal.  The belt is a nice contrast for too much metal and water!