Mindful Embodiment & Skill Development

Embodying an artful dialogue consciousness that goes beyond ones cultural conditioning and cultivates a deepening awareness and ability to listen & be genuine

pegasusIt has been written that  the Pegasus represents communication that transforms evil!  I have enjoyed reading the historical interpretations of Pegasus and coming away with an opinion that it may reflect a new consciousness for many of us.  A consciousness that includes the skill set of mediation in motion to better understand how to transform our own inner agitation that incites violence on ourselves and others.  A consciousness that is an infusion of the art of conversation and strong independent support through our greatest support system – our skeleton!  Renee Lindstrom

Level 3:  Advanced:   Mindful Embodiment & Skill Development

  • Friday, Arpil 5th – May 10th , 2019


Engaging in the dialogue – talking circle style of mentoring & learning

Modeled after Dr. Rosenberg’s conversational style of learning while in circle with a focus on embodying ‘being present in the moment’ and speaking from the heart.  This style of connected presentation increases the opportunity for breaking through old patterns and developing new skills of Nonviolent Communication through integration of empathetic listening and speaking with honesty.   This is an open style of learning more natural to our inherent learning abilities that is not ruled orientated.  It is a guided pattern that follows earlier cultural traditions pre-dating the newer western closed system of learning created to herd and dumb down society.  Its focus is not on the debate of right and wrong but rather encourages social change from the inside out.

Participants will:

  • learn to slow down and be mindful of what they are saying & hearing
  • deepen listening skills to better understand the basic needs underneath what they are saying hearing.
  • transform conversations into meaningful connections following the Nonviolent Communication Model of observation, feelings, needs & requests
  • improve connection, peace and harmony in relationships
  • become aware of and accept their contribution to outcomes
6 Monday evenings – 90.00 (15.00 per evening)

Limited Space – please contact to express your interest or to make inquiries

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