In May, ’15 a somatic mindfulness program was launched in a Greater Victoria Elementary School incorporating, feelings, values, talking circle and movement! This program was developed as part of the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature and incorporated the Labyrinth as a contemplative tool for learning to stop, check in, identify feelings and naming the need.  A simple and fun formula incorporating the roots of Nonviolent Communication with somatic body movement and awareness.  This workshop is based upon this program.  It will enhance your program for developing socializing and communication skills with an added bonus of learning to make feelings fun.  You can expect to learn how to draw and create a labyrinth, movement techniques for building connection to feelings while grounding students, developing a connection to the roots of feeling using universal values and developing a concept of 50% leader (speaker) and 50% follower (listener) using movement!

Brentwood Bay Elementary School Auditorium – Heart Shaped Labyrinth & International Peace Pal Picture Exhibit in center reflecting Universal Values

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Renee Lindstrom, a Feldenkrais Somatic Education Practitioner and a Practitioner of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s model of compassionate communication from his book, Nonviolent Communication since 2001.  She began sharing Nonviolent Communication techniques in local Greater Victoria Schools and the Monterey Centre in 2007.  In 2012 she began developing a programs for the World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature incorporating Somatic Movement as a focus for understanding feelings and needs.  Using movement awareness techniques together with the inward and outward spiral of the labyrinth a somatic experience combined with the understanding of values became a contemplative workshop!  In 2014 this workshop was invited into St. Andrew’s Regional High School on two separate occasions.  It was during one of these workshops that included students from grades 9 to 12 where the value of this workshop was shared back through a grade nine female student.  She shared with us afterwards that this was the first time that she had experienced no separation between this range of grades and that they worked together as a team for the first time!

Renee Lindstrom is the founder of Greater Victoria Labyrinth Society and #yyj Peace Week.Project celebrating World Peace Day – Sept 21st.