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#1. Awareness of Space

Workplace Coach/Consultant, Mentor & Trainer

Transforming hidden stimulus to change behaviours

Office consulting in Greater Victoria Area or remotely

Creating Workplace Balance

Awareness of Space is founded on evolved principles of Feng Shui that include the integration of advanced studies of human function, specifically body functions and spoken word influences. The environment is an influence to behaviour that is often overlooked. The western trend generally has a focus on identifying and labeling the causes of behaviour in relation to personal beliefs rather than focusing on root causes that stimulates reactions, while Asian philosophy has a focus upon cures and solutions to attain wealth. Awareness through Space is focused upon transforming life draining environmental influences through life enriching action steps.

Four ways one can explore Awareness through Space Integrative experiences is through a consultation, workspace coaching, mentoring or learning events.

#1.1 Awareness through Space Consultation

An Awareness through Space consultation is a review of your environment. This can be an in person meeting or on-line. It can be as in depth as you need which may include reviewing the influences of the surrounding community areas, the property and indoor office spaces. It may be as simple as one office or storefront in the property. Two examples of how this can benefit your workplace:

  1. a workspace design audit to source any stimulus in the environment that could be creating distractions to output and relationships
  2. observing the furniture and it’s possible effects on employees physical wellbeing with intent to increase energy and focus

#1.2 Awareness through Space Coaching

Coaching in the workspace can include one or more integrative components of IAM of Creative Self Mastery and Creative Lifestyle programs. There are five areas of focus; space, spoken word, goals, movement and culture that would influence eight areas of experience for both the workspace and workers. Each components focus supports and integrates with other IAM components.

Awareness through Space Coaching can support the initial consult changes that are encouraged or it can be a focus upon ones workspace goals for manifestation of intentions. An example is being stuck and unable to move forward in life. This focus of attention would be placed upon how the environment can support transitioning into one’s nine life areas of experience; wealth, fame, relationships, past, health, future, knowledge, career and community.

#1.3 Awareness through Space Mentoring

Awareness through Space Mentoring deepens a connection to the environment and its influences in one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of being. Empathy support for making decisions and choices to transition the design of space can be an aspect of mentoring.

#1.4 Awareness through Space Learning Event

Awareness through Space learning events are designed for participants to begin exploring these concepts by introducing them into their own lifes. This would be especially important in a workspace to engage employees cooperation and participation with the new changes now and in the future.


#2. Awareness of Goals & Culture

Motivation Life Coach, Mentor & Trainer

Awareness through Goals

is a model for learning new personal action behaviour. The patterns for taking action turn random actions into intentional ones that with practical applications create new behaviour. A workplace model integrates the mission/vision intentions of the organization into motivations for those contributing to its success in the community. Creating intentional workplace actions can align the motivation of the participants working towards common goals and the mission/vision of the organization becomes a conscious shared experience.

Three ways one can explore Awareness through Goals in the workplace are through coaching, mentoring and learning events.

#2.1 Awareness through Goals Workspace Coaching

Awareness through Goals workspace coaching supports integrating the organization’s goal planning using the workplace mission/vision statement.

#2.2 Awareness through Goals Workspace Mentoring

Awareness through Goals workspace mentoring supports one’s individual goals in relationship to the organization’s goals.

#2.3 Awareness through Goals Workspace Learning Events

Awareness through Goal learning events introduces the benefits of setting goals as an individual or community. It is particularity beneficial in communities as it actually develops the steps to achieving any mission or vision statement. A mission or vision statement is the philosophy intended for the organization however it often does not have the individual steps for a community member to actually achieve the action. IAM programs can be adjusted to align with community mission/vision statements.

#3. Awareness of Spoken Word

Workplace Coach/Consultant, Mentor & Trainer

    Two Parts to Effective Speaking 

    Effective communication is an equal balance of listening before drawing conclusions and creating  solutions.  Speaking well is an artful choice of words that in fact is a form of listening.  

    Cultivating Awareness using spoken words are the first steps to listening

    #3.1 Awareness through Speaking Model

    Effective dialogue interaction is an art increasing the likelihood of  meaningful exchanges.  Skill development of these techniques cultivate conscious awareness of effective communication as it is being experienced.  This leads to spontaneous,  flexible and creative interactions that are more likely to be productive and shift all parties into working towards common goals.

    • Cultivating an awareness of speaking with intention when communicating to increase chances for being heard and understood
    • Learning to identify intention in what others are communicating to increase skills to hear them and respond back in ways to be heard

    #3.2 Awareness through Listening Model of Empathy

    Awareness through Spoken Word techniques introduces a new way of understanding differences and compassion that comes from empathy. Empathy for self and others that is more than listening or touch. It is in the quality of the spoken word patterns. The focus is to expand the awareness of the stimulus of spoken word and go beyond its restrictions in habitual ways of speaking. The intention is to create inner peace and expand outer harmony for better choice making and resolving differences.

    • Empathetic Listening shifts obstacles
    • Identifying obstacles to truly being heard

    #3.3 Productive Meeting Models

    Productive meaning in this context: Productivity is a philosophy of life, a state of mind. Being efficient means doing, at every moment, what we consciously choose to do and not what we feel we are doing forced by circumstances. Productivity means adopting an attitude for continued improvement.

    A productive meeting pattern using the techniques of Awareness through Speaking and Listening Models engages each participant and ensures their words are vocalized and included into the meetings objectives. If each participant is recognized there is more probably of the meeting agreements to be carried out with more accuracy and with attention to details. It is the difference of having to do something as one is being told and doing it because one is engaged and in agreement.

    #4. Awareness of Movement

    Functional Movement Practitioner & Teacher

    Certified Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Movement & Integration

    The Feldenkrais Way

    Feldenkrais® is a system for learning new actions through movement to increase ones function and quality of life. There is no dogma or self-image attached to this system of independent stye of self-learning. What this means is that it introduces direct experience with a focus upon what you can do, not what you can’t or what you think. Feldenkrais® reduces limiting beliefs by increasing focus of attention in the the present moment. As an empath I can trust the Feldenkrais® experience to deepen my inner connection through a developing pattern of sensory perception. This sensory perception has a focus of attention on skeletal and functional support. This is the same inner support that I trusted to take chances to begin balancing as a baby to get up and begin talking my first step.

    The only way to transformation is through a new action.

    Two ways one can explore the Feldenkrais Method is through Function Integration or Awareness through Movement Lessons.

    1. Functional Integration (FI)Sessions for individuals

    These are personalized lessons and are especially suited for those who have specific movement difficulties or performance improvement issues that would benefit from individual attention. A Feldenkrais® Practitioner guides you personally through patterns of movement to enhance range of motion and increase the moving parts in function.

    2 Awareness through Movement® (ATM) – Group Classes

    Awareness through Movement lessons are group classes that guide individuals through patterns of movement with a focus on a particular function using spoken word.

    In both ATM and FI lessons, you will become more aware of how you move in habitual ways. Each lesson helps you to explore alternatives that you might not have thought of otherwise. Through increased awareness, you learn to move with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

    Three ways Awareness through Movement can be explored in the workplace are:

    #4.1 Awareness through Movement Group Lessons 30 – 45 mins.

    Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement Lessons are a great addition to improving health and wellbeing in the office. Lessons can focus on posture for sitting, jaw release, softening eyes, shoulder and neck release and breathwork. Each of these can increase a calmer state of being and improve repetitive postures that may cause physical, mental and emotional stresses.

    #4.2 Awareness through Movement Individual Functional Integrations

    Individual Functional Integration can deepen the integration of postural changes and address any problems one may be having due to posture and office furniture.

    #4.3 ATM Mini Steps for increasing connection, peace, harmony & reducing conflict

    Learn simple posture changes for increasing attention, focus and connection. Great for breaks during office hours or prior to important meetings or decision making.