Workplace Coaching

Enjoy Workspace Coaching the Inside Awareness way

Coaching in the workspace can include one or more integrative components of IAM of Creative Self Mastery and Creative Lifestyle programs. There are five areas of focus; space, spoken word, goals, movement and culture that would influence eight areas of experience for both the workspace and workers.

These programs are doable models to develop a supportive workplace culture to support the potential for increased harmony and higher productivity.

These components can include:

  • a workspace design audit to source any stimulus in the environment that could be creating distractions
  • observing the furniture and it’s possible effects on employees physical wellbeing with intent to increase energy and focus
  • a review or creation of a mission/vision statement to integrate it into the workspace culture
  • introducing a value focus that aligns with mission/vision statement
  • creating a culture of business goals that become shared with all levels of employees
  • introduce a culture of values through personal goal setting
  • introduce spoken word models for easier connections and peaceful resolutions
  • introduce patterns for meetings to improve participation and results
  • introduce patterns of movement to reduce physical, mental and emotional stressors

Empathy Listening

Spoken word that increase the quality of being heard and valued. Process alive events through clarity and understanding that replaces reactions with actions and better choices.

Attention on Conscious Choices

Connecting to current experience and purpose before actions increases confidence and choices.

Integrating Programs & Coaching

Coaching minimizes personal effort. Combine an innovative program with personal coaching to maximize efficiency.

Let’s make life wonderful together.