Talking Circles

 Leadership Talking Circles are founded upon Values  and are Empathy Nature Building Talking Circles


Listening is a gift

Exploring ways for groups of people to begin listening in earnest the greatest pattern for teaching and learning is the empathy talking circle.  This pattern develops equality to speakers for the purpose of being heard.  The structure defines the process of sharing ones own truth and not addressing and building on others sharing.


A talking circle is a wonderful learning pattern for facilitating a learning process that includes each circle members voice that results in an expanded understanding of possibilities.  It opens a closed viewpoint through its inclusive nature and increases patience and tolerance.


Participants in a circle develop leadership and courage by the nature of empathy that grows a field of safety.  A talking circle creates equality for those who never speak out and those who speak out too much.  It creates safety for those who are overwhelmed by others opinionated nature and encourages those who are opinionated to speak with more depth and less knowing.


Whether in business or a group organization the empathy talking circle is the most effective way of hearing everyone’s comments and gaining commitment for follow through on decisions.  Decisions made as a result of whole group sharing are inclusive versus exclusive and the results are for more willing participants.

Dialogues focusing events:

Include a talking circle in your next Professional Development Day

Host a Talking Circle Event that includes a Medicine Wheel Template

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