Personal Values – 2017

  • Personal

InTouch’s 2017 ‘Roots of Happiness & Success Calendar’InTouch 2015 Calendar


  • 52  Weekly Values  
  • Setting Weekly Goals & Daily Intentions
  • Daily Contemplation
  • Practice Tips
  • Awareness Dates
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3 ways to enjoy calendar:

  • 1.  As a daily agenda
  • 2.  As a personal journal and integration program
  • 3.  In a talking circle to deepen life skills

Read more on:   how to purchase InTouch ‘Roots to Happiness Calendar’ – Download – by month or complete year for 2017


Value Calendar Mentor-ship Programs for adults – 2017

InTouch’s 2017 ‘Roots of Happiness & Success Calendar’

Join Weekly Talking Circle  

InTouch Connection

Drop in or by Month

Choice of #yyj Gathering or  By Webinar


  • Weekly Talking Circle with a focus on one universal value to integrate speaking with a value based intention
  • Integration of Talking Method that models Empathy Nature  and increases practice of speaking values
  • Weekly worksheets for integrating values and using goals to encourage setting daily & weekly value based intentions
  • Practice Tips
  • Daily Value Consideration

Enjoy a monthly value integration program for increasing effective communication skills, enhancing your inner well-being and relationships.

Start to experience empathy though a model that increased integrative somatic learning that becomes your natural state of listening!

Connect using form below and receive information links on how to subscribe to mentor-ship programs:



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