Be Real, Be You in Relationships

  • Individual
  • Home
  • Office, Organization, Educational Institution


Individual Mentor-ship can be divided into these three parts:

  1. Acute Relationship Support
  2. Longing for Change
  3. Educational

1.  Acute Relationship Support 

These are private sessions that focus on an immediate issue for the purpose of change, decision making and empathy coaching.  This is for those times when situations are difficult and hard to manage.  This support makes these times in life easier to navigate and provides a neutral listener that will not try and fix it, judge it or minimize it.  Rather these session will enable the participants to go deeper into the root source of issue for added clarity to find a direction for ease in resolving the situation.  They may included issues in relationships, partnerships, employee conflict, separation, divorce, parenting and life changes.

How:  These sessions can last 60 to 90 minutes and can be in person, by phone or on-line.

*Support at business meetings can be arranged.

2.  Longing for Change 

These sessions are for making life changing decisions where getting to the real need is important for making the best possible choices.  These may include, changing jobs, moving to a new location, longing to date, health, increasing abundance, improving quality of lifestyle and relationships.

How:  These sessions can last 60 to 90 minutes and can be in person, by phone or on-line.

*Support at business meetings can be arranged.

3.  Educational

This option starts with a conversation to investigate ones personal needs.  This interview will determine what level of mentor – ship and commitment is desired.  


1.  Acute Parenting Support

These are private family sessions that will support those difficult adjustments or issues.  It will focus upon empathetic coaching and translating hard to hear messages to resolve differences.

2.  Value Based Integration Plan 

A unique personal family value parenting plan that will make family life easier and more connected.

3.  Learning & Practice Follow up

Sessions for supporting family integration and learning.

Office & Organization

1.  InTouch Communication Workshops

In-house uniquely designed workshops for introducing a shared communication system based upon universal values.

2.  Translating Business Mission/Vision into Value Based Language

In-house integration of employee-employer value focused

3.  Integrating Value Based Business Communication System


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