Be Real

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Be Real, Be You in relationships

InTouch Communication programs by Inside Awareness are designed to increase personal self-awareness to move out beyond the dynamics of struggle in conversations with others and inside your own thinking mind!

Be Real, Be You Program begins with learning the InTouch process of translating the messages inside your head and those being received from others.  The purpose is to have a pattern to identify and name habitual reactions for clarity and mindfulness.  This becomes the ground for resolving your differences.

Be Real, Be You increases personal listening, focus and feeling awareness.  It encourages you to take direct action based upon deeper understanding of differences in;  opinions, perspectives and cultural beliefs.  It is a higher level of conscious awareness for interacting and connection to what is important.   It is a skill set to lean into and move beyond the issues instead of talking about them and remaining in a static situation!

Be Real, Be You is the gateway of communication and yet it still has a focus of integrating the 4 aspects of self; mind, body, emotions and beliefs.  It includes components of somatic movement education yet the primary focus is connecting mind function to body function and awareness.  This is where connection in relationships can become a ‘living art form.’ The form is the practice and the art is the connection experience!

Learn how your personal thinking can be old messages that are no longer serving you and how they interfere with making good choices that lead you to where you are longing to go!  Stop seeking and commit to yourself!

This learning program is designed to

  • make personal connection to your first response
  • slows your reactive mind
  • increases clarity in the moment
  • separates reactions of others out in your process of finding clarity
  • moves from the dynamic struggle of talking about it into translating it to process it for more ease in moving forward

These first three points can be described as the purpose of sitting on a cushion in meditation.  To slow the minds thinking process down to become more present in the moment.  This creates an open space to connect to the present surrounding without being stimulated.  An outcome is being in the company of others without reacting to them.  This program can enable a similar experience and yet, takes you to the next step of how to transition it into conversation.

Move from talking about it into translating it!

Learning – Starting Point

Two options are available:

  1. Private program
  2. Group lessons/workshops.

Consider your needs for learning and explore these two options.  This program can be of value to individuals longing for more in their life or it can also be for a business or organization that desires to move out of draining energy of relationships into relationships that increase energy and productivity.

Join a class/workshop

Create a workshop

Practice – Learning & Integration

Take your introduction of Be Real, Be You into daily living

Three options are available:

  1. Private program
  2. Group lessons/workshops
  3. Dialogue talking circles

After your introduction to Be Real, Be You consider your options to nurture and expand your living self-awareness.   Continue with workshops and introduce talking circles that allow you to be seen, heard and accepted.  No judgement, fixing or labeling!  Perfect for personal integration or group integration.  Will support turning relationships into life enriching experiences.

Join a class/workshop

Create a class/workshop

Join a dialogue talking circle

Create a dialogue talking circle

Mentor ship – Living it

Deepen your integration individually or within your group or organization

This option is a system of continued integration.  It creates a structure to support this new cultural experience.  It is a system initiating continued learning and creating safety to practice.

Individual mentor-ship program

Organization mentor-ship program

Consider Be Real, Be You for:

-personal growth & actualization



-educational institution

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