Inside Awareness Values Language Enrichment 

This learning method is based upon the integration of Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, the model created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg described in his book titled Nonviolent Communication and Eco-psychology.

Three steps:

1.  Build a vocabulary

2.  Develop a Language

3.  Create a Culture 


  • are multi-layered learning and integration
  • support defining values
  • enrich communication for connection
  • develops empathy and increases listening

Integrative Learning for:

6 ways We Mentor Value Based Language:

1.  Home & Office ‘Consulting’

2.  Personal and Business ‘Coaching’

3.  Seminars & Workshop:

4.  Talking Circles

5.  Retreats

6.  Resources 

6a)  Monthly calendar of value programs:

By Renee Lindstrom
                         Inside Awareness for Healthy Lifestyles
Personal Inquiries will be taken on how to become a mentor.