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News Nov 19’18: Turn helplessness and hopelessness into hope in last growing moon of Autumn

Using natures model for setting intention is forgiving and doable unlike the western concept of setting intentions the eve of the Gregorian calendar when the old year shifts into the new one.  In nature the seeds fall in late autumn, rest through winter and then spontaneously sprout when the conditions are perfect..  This week is the last growing moon before fall turns into winter.

Turning your intentions into goals can be as easy as nature makes it appear or as personally challenging as the western mind-set makes it.  One builds self-esteem using a model of integrating values and virtues through a growing somatic education while the other deepens punishment, reward and a right and wrong mind-set that is lacking any educational integration.

‘Goals create Purpose’

The benefit of setting goals is that it increases decision-making skills and it gives one hope.

Personal goals can turn helplessness and hopelessness into hope!

Integrating intention following the pattern of nature has been a much deeper and rewarding experience for this writer than the years of setting last-minute commitments for the coming year.  The benefits have been rewarding and the journey has been more fun and pleasurable.  Anxiety of trying to make decisions and worry about taking or not taking action has all but vanished while the steps needed to achieve the purpose of the goals seemingly unveil themselves in doable chunks.  It seems that there is a shift from the land of thinking, judging, blaming, shaming, false self-image about them shifts into easy action steps.   Intuition grows and there is much more synchronicity evolving.

I can use an example of nature that once tended began to flourish.  I am suggesting that tending to your dreams can support flourishing.  I wrote about it this weekend.  It is about a patch of land that had soil broken into cracks and filled with weeds.  It was untended and not cared for.  The house behind this patch looked ungrounded and like a kids toy that had just been set down.  After tending to the soil and caring for the plants after a few years it has a completely different look and feel.  I share this as our lifestyle needs tending in the same way as our landscape if we are serious about wanting change.  Many of us continue seeking without getting into the stage of making real change.  .

Life is a garden, not a prison.

These goals setting patterns are an integration of the qualities and virtues that is shared in the personal development programs and special events offered @InsideAwareness such as Awareness through Movement, Awareness through Communication and Awareness through Lifestyle and Landscape.   These values and virtures are paired with cycles of nature to turn life mazes into life labyrinths.

Here are the steps for turning Intention into Goals @InsideAwareness:


Integrating qualities from Somatic Awareness through Movement, Awareness through Communication and Awareness through Environment in a doable and concrete way to support health, wealth and harmony in ones lifestyle and relationships.

It is suggested that one spends 3 days between steps 1 to 3.  Let the consideration of your intention integrate before moving head long into the next step.  Mull it over and give it life in the context of your day-to-day events.



The big view is checking in to what one hope to achieve for the coming year.  A simple way of taking this step is to consider being at the end of the year celebrating what quality was achieved.  Some ideas of big views:

  • loosing 100 pounds
  • new, great paying job
  • finding a partner
  • opening ones own business
  • getting a promotion

This first stage is recognizing the intention.  It is not all the action steps!  This is the pivotal point of change.  It is what is meaningful enough to make those small commitments towards change.

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Like the big view this stage now begins to look at the four seasons that consist of 3 months each beginning with fall, winter, spring and summer.  Using the cycle of nature can increase the synchronicity of your own natural states of energy.  Of course goals can start any time during the year.  What this writer is suggesting is that summer is manifestation and usually when business and education are on a break.  If you want to develop a business plan, the action stage would be fall, while winter hums along at the mercy of holidays and the weather, while spring is new growth and busier like the fall season.  Spring does reflect new growth however it also represents summer and deadlines for fall growth and harvest.

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This third step begins to break down ones big views into consideration of how to balance ones life areas to improve the potential for success and a happy life while on the journey to the vision.

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This fourth step happens at present time beginning with each new moon and then follows the lunar calendar.  It breaks the year and seasonal vision into 30 day actions plans. The lunar cycle is very forgiving and is one of the few goal setting techniques that supports one’s Nonviolent Communication practice.  It integrates an alternative to the insidious right, wrong, punishment and rewards culture of other systems.  Why would anyone want to find success without integrating self-empathy and transforming behaviour from meaning first versus feelings of shame and blame?

The lunar goals model the larger yearly pattern however it provides the actions steps through the daily calendar for integration of new ways of being, similar to the patterns of Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement and ones focus of attention in a state of empathetic consciousness.

Read more on Lunar 8 Step Intention into Goals Action Plan


  • Turn Intentions into goals following pattern that increases self-esteem and confidence replacing self-judgements in areas of movement, relationships & lifestyle
  • Begin Planning now for 2019 using a model of integration where your vision can become reality.
  • Celebrate your commitment to yourself with monthly organized labyrinth walks to reflect and check in.
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