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‘The truth in me supports the truth in you’

In the fall 2010 and spring 2011, I had a rare opportunity to listen in to a series of dialogues introduced to me by Dr. Barbara Fields, Executive Director of The Association for New Global Thought.  These dialogues, set up as discussions between the hosts Jim Kenney, Barbara and a featured guest speaker.  Jim is a former Global Director of the Parliament of the World’s Religions and an expert in world religion and culture.

The very first one I listened in to they discussed the roots of  New Thought and the origins of a view that could stem from a comment of the Dali Lama’s in this first conference held at Windsor Castle in the early 90’s.  He suggested to those attending that  before doing any work together,  they become friends.  He recommended that they go for coffee together and get to know one another first.

Since that first parliament The Association for New Global thought has provided the space to gather and have these talks.  The gatherings have representation from those interested, crossing the boundaries of ideals and is all about finding out about each other.  The guest in my first visit into these unique dialogues suggested that since the first religious parliament in the 90’s,  an organic understanding has evolved.   ‘The truth in me, supports the truth in you.’

It was inspiring hearing this and to recognize  the sharing of this community and their efforts to support a vision that may have begun by a simple request.  What was most intriguing was the viewpoint of the dialogues themselves.  These were not from the viewpoint of teaching or authority.  These dialogues in my perspective had a cultural view and the information shared was through the lens of evolution by speakers who have been in the frying pan of the experience they spoke of.  The depth of wisdom and how they connected with each other and shared with those listening was a rare experience for me.

Having a practice myself with a foundation of  principles using the model of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s, Nonviolent Communication,  what I was hearing  was a group of people with tenure in an organic dialogue, modelling these principles naturally.   This was a rare and inspiring experience!  I felt relief and it gave me hope.

It’s been a year since I first sat in on these conversations and heard this cultural shift in our religious circles and how it is changing and evolving as differences are being replaced with understanding and competition is being replaced with community.

Yesterday, another rare opportunity came along to listen to a conversation with Gregg Braden  and Lisa Garr discuss Gregg’s  new book Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny, and Fate, Opening page.   Gregg is a pioneer bridging science and spirituality.    I first heard Gregg speak in 2001 at a Prophets Conference in Victoria at our local university.  What struck me about Gregg at that time was how real he was.  When he presented there was no boundary between him, as a speaker on stage and us below in the theatre seating.  This experience of being included evolved over the conference.  It was new and unique.  It was all in the way those on stage engaged the audience and how they shared the information.  How they shared their experience did not come from a place of authority nor did they teach.  They engaged us in an experience  that for me relaxed my guard and allowed me to hear their journeys.  Gregg was one of these presenters that opened my view of  relationships in the world, not only intellectually, through understanding and experiencing a new connection to evolutionary leaders.

In Gregg’s dialogue yesterday, 10 years later, I noticed he spoke in this same manner and it seemed to be deepened by practice and understanding.  His knowledge of cultural evolution and the origins of competition and domination systems in our society made all the more interesting and accessible by his lens with which he chose to share it with us.  Observing his patience with the interviewer and in his responses that reflected he listened and directed his answer clearly to that point.  During question and answer what I heard was a conversation that could have been over coffee or tea with a friend giving encouragement to find their own story based upon their own passion.  Gregg is a well-known scientist.  This is not the mental concept I have held in the past of someone in a position of authority.

Hearing the cultural shift through these evolutionary leaders is a model of how shifting patterns of behaviour create change.  Being in the field of supporting others in recognizing how their behavioural patterns create their reality  and a cultures.  These connections give me the motivational juice to bring to my practice, inspires me for seeking further learning and inspires my hope.

Renee is in Victoria, B.C. and shares self-inquiry awareness techniques through the Feldenkrais Movement Method, Getting InTouch for relationships and presence in the environment.  She works with people individually, in groups, in her office or their space and teaches groups in classes.  Through her work with clients some specific areas of functioning became a potential for integrating these systems together to support a daily function such as walking, sleeping, community and gatherings.  Functions we take for granted and have forgotten our connections with.  These techniques are designed to wake up those parts that have gone to sleep and to develop present awareness that enhance and improve the quality of our experience.  

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