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InTouch with the Brain – Right and Left Hemispheres


The theory of the  minds function suggests that the two different sides of the brain control two different “modes” of thinking.  It also suggests that each of us prefers one mode over the other.

Qualities of the Left Hemisphere

Logical, linear, Literal, Practical language, making sense, social self, spoken/lived narrative, detail monitoring, analytic problem-solving, fact accumulation, chalkboard of the mind, working memory, adding to regulation, handling familiar, moderate levels of stress, more defined neocortical columns

Qualities of the Right Hemisphere

Visual, attunement, voice quality/eye gaze, touch and gesture, circuits of attachment, integrated map of body, effective experience, experience of self, beginning of regulation, empathetic resonance, implicit memory, felt autobiographical narrative, intuition/morality, metaphorical language, rapid processing of novelty, sever levels of stress, more integrated neocortical columns

Have you read The  Brains Way of Healing by Dr. Norman Doidge?

Find out more on how integrating the arts of movement, communication and space compliment your experience and encompasses a holistic approach to wellness.

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Goals, Food, Movement & Life Style Updates

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
 & Renee Lindstrom Live

Empathy and our Brain

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness, Living in Natures Love Blog & Renee Lindstrom Live



Integration of Body, Mind & Spatial Awareness


A  participant in our ” Listen to Hear and Speak to be Heard Workshops,”   was excited to share a book she was reading by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.’s book, My Stroke of Insight.

Reading it, I too became excited about the connections to the Intouch Empathy focus and body movement integration offered through Feldenkrais.

Here is a video by Dr. Taylor:


Empathy from cultivating awareness from the inside out

The intent of this article is in the context of how  communication and movement can support the decrease of anxiety, stress & fear.

  • InTouch Communication:  Values & Empathy integration in communication for transforming disconnection into connection
  • Feldenkrais Movement: calming one’s nervous system.


Natural World Empathy Support 

  • Natures Love plant essences blended by Renee: support body, and minds feelings that block emotions and self-confidence
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  • Eating Coloured Foods:  Metal, Emotional and Physical Support
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    Find out more on how integrating the arts of movement, communication and space compliment your experience and encompasses a holistic approach to wellness.

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