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Summer’s 1st New Moon – “season of 2019’s manifestation!”

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness, Living in Natures Love Blog & Renee Lindstrom Live

Seasonal Intentions for 2019

After creating 2019’s summer “vision board for July’s first New Moon,’ I  gathered earlier ones from 2019.  This included 2018’s fall board focused on  2019 and the Winter and Spring vision boards created in 2019.   My curiosity was to observe the differences and similarities in the various boards and to audit changes that have happened.  Exploring themes and shifts!

Three noteworthy, unexpected and welcome shifts changing 2019’s landscape have been:

  1.  Self-forgiveness that arose naturally through an end to resistant ways of thinking leading to a shift into acceptance ……
  2. Integrating live foods increasing the experience of health and wellness. Growing live foods spontaneously inspiring an essence of abundance, awe and appreciation.
  3. Realigning more fully with roots of this lifetimes intentions that are becoming  exponentially experienced with conscious awareness. Glimpses only recognized through the audit this morning.

I mentor my students in finding the true meaning of their dreams by exploring and focusing on the values before they get started on a direction.    The difference is chasing a dream versus  integrating it.  Integration is life changing and affirmative, while chasing something can be an illusive journey usually filled with the same old strategies that didn’t work in the past. The change begins inside and not with outside solution’s.

I realize now how these seasonal vision board steps create ease and cultivate awareness.  Awe-inspiring!  One of my longings was for health and well-being. At the time of creating this intention I wasn’t aware of any strategies to achieve it.

Sourdough Bread & Basil & Kefir Sour Cream

Two life-changing actions that where unexpected  were growing Kefir and Sourdough.  These living foods have been healing my gut and increasing  brain function and appreciation for life.




Now is the best time to create your intentional statement for Summer and reflect upon what is manifesting for 2019.  The three months of summer is the season of fruition.  In the three months of fall these forming seeds will drop and begin to germinate 2020.  Have you considered that what you are doing right now is the foundation for 2020?     If not, take some time to focus your attention on how to shift from creating your reality unconsciously and begin to harness your own personal reality consciously through cultivating awareness.

Start with reflecting on balancing your nine life areas and begin dreaming  with intention for each area.

  1. Wealth & Abundance
  2. Fame & Recognition
  3. Relationships
  4. Roots, Foundation, Ancestors
  5. Health & Well-being
  6. Future, Creativity and Travel
  7. Education & Spirit
  8. Career
  9. Community & Helpful People

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