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Inspired Goal Setting: #1. New Moon Goals

Start of Lunar Month

New Moon – Photo Courtesy of Nasa

Aligning your goals with the New Moon:

  • New Beginning, Fresh Start , Blank Canvas

When the moon is in its dark side and not visible it is called a new moon.  This is the best time to collect your thoughts and start to envision what you are longing for.  Imagine in your hopes and dreams.  these are the seeds to a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new beginning.

Inspired Goal Setting follows the Moon’s path as a reference to create harmony and ease with references on how to apply to one’s calendar of monthly and daily goals.  It supports making one’s goals more doable and more achievable!

This program considers importance of  waning and waxing moon cycles!  

Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
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8 Inspired Goal Setting Steps for Dec, ’16 following the path of the Moon

  Fall into Winter

This month there are two transitions to consider with your goal setting!  One is the seasonal transition from fall to winter and the second is our western ways of  documenting time – the New’s years shift of 2016 to 2017!    The last few days of November have already begun the moon path cycle for December with the New Moon on the 29th.  December 1st represents your intentions, hopes and dreams.

One goal to consider for the month of December is to reflect on your New Years Goals for the whole year not just January, ’17!

Not only is December beginning with a new cycle of the moon, so is 2017!

Nov 29 – New Moon – 10:53 pm (Victoria)

1.  New Beginnings, Fresh Start, Blank Canvas

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 Dec 01 – Crescent Moon (Waxing)

2.  Intentions, Hope, Wishes 

Read More (Crescent Moon)

Dec 07 –  First Quarter Moon  1:03 am (Victoria)

3.  Challenges, Decisions, Action

Read More (1st Quarter Moon)

 Dec 09 –  Gibbous Moon (Waxing)

4.  Adjust, Refine, Edit 

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Dec 13 – Full Moon 4:05 pm (Victoria)

5.  Be Confident, It is Done

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Dec 15Disseminating Moon (Waning)

6.  Gratitude, Sharing, Enthusiasm

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Dec 20 Third Quarter Moon 5:55 pm (Victoria)

7.  Release, Let Go, Forgive

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Dec  23  – Balsamic Moon

8.  Surrender, Rest, Recuperate

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Dec 28 – New Moon – 10:53 pm (Victoria)

1.  New Beginnings, Fresh Start, Blank Canvas

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Dec 31 – Crescent Moon (Waxing)

2.  Intentions, Hope, Wishes 

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Inspired Goal Setting – 2017

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