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Season for Peace and Nonviolence – Teens Daily Value Practice for week of March 12th

64 Ways in 64 Days – 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence

Week seven – Days 43 to 49:  We can see and understand another person whether or not we agree with them.

  • Day 43 – UNIQUENESS (March 13)

How are you unique? What makes you different from your family? Your friends? Today, focus on your own beautiful uniqueness. Don’t judge yourself for your differences. Celebrate them.

  • Day 44 – COOPERATION (March 14)

When we work together we are stronger than when we work alone. What are some things you can do with others around you to make the world more peaceful?

  • Day 45—MASTERY (March 15)

To practice nonviolence, you must learn to master your anger. If you find yourself angry, use positive thoughts and count backwards, from 10 through one, to calm yourself. If you do this when you become angry, you will achieve mastery over your emotions.

  • Day 46 – COMPASSION (March 16)

Mother Theresa said, “Find someone who thinks he is alone, and let him know that he is not.” Today, offer your support to someone who needs it. Remember that everyone you meet goes through difficult things in their life. We all need love and support. Be that compassionate person today, and when you need compassion, people will be there to support you too. We must give compassion and love in order to receive it.

  • Day 47 – DISARMAMENT (March 17)

“…Nothing to kill or die for…Imagine all the people living life in peace…”- John Lennon. Talk to a random person today about what life would be like without weapons or war.

  • Day 48 – ECOLOGY (March 18)

Today, value the earth by recycling and using recycled products. Don’t just think for today. Think about what your world will be like for your grandchildren’s grandchildren and beyond that. It is our responsibility to heal this planet. We all deserve to have clean air, clean water, and a healthy food supply. Today, make a vow to stop contributing to the destruction of the planet. Do all you can and encourage others as well. If we want the world to change for the better, we must change it

  • Day 49 – HONOR (March 19)

 Honour the  people in your life who have loved and supported you through your hardest times, and those who will come to follow.

Created for www.agnt.org and Season for Nonviolence – 2007 by Greater Dallas Task Force – www.64-days.org