Cards – (for Download)

  • Feeling Cards

Build your own Feeling Vocabulary (Great Gifts)

Inside Awareness has created 40 Feeling Cards to use as a personal check in to develop  one’s inner connection to true feeling words.  
  • Stop confusion in your conversation by learning to use real feelings in your sentences, “I feel…….”

  • Identifying your feelings is the first step to creating inner balance and the start of self empathy
  • Accepting your feelings is the foundation of accepting others feelings
  • Feelings are the spiral inward to naming  the value that is important to you and the the point of connection with others


InTouch Feeling Cards Template

  • Value Cards

1.  Build your own Value Needs Vocabulary (Great Gifts!)

Inside Awareness has created 45 Value Need Cards to use as a personal check in to Integrate Universal values.



Stop letting your feelings control your actions.  Learn to identify the root source of your feelings and integrate a universal language through building your own vocabulary of values!

Turn your moral judgments into value based judgments so others want to hear you!

  • Naming what is meaningful to you helps others become willing to hear you
  • Values grow awareness of behavior actions and reactions
  • Values in one’s vocabulary increases autonomy, self-esteem and confidence

Download our templates to make your own cards

InTouch Value Needs Cards Template


  • Sleep Sweet Sleep



Techniques to increase rest naturally balancing all aspects of your lifestyle using contemplation, awareness, movement and relationships with space!


8.5 x 11 Workbook of exercises for growing awareness and learning.  Enjoy movement patterns and tips to increase sleep.

Buy Now and Receive Personal Workbook – $24.00 Canadian


  • Achieving Your Goals:

31 Days of Conscious Awareness Building



The path to success is simple. Take time to consider these daily awareness techniques and follow the steps to define your intention. For only a few minutes each day bring your intention alive through the action of making changes in your living/working space. These steps are designed to slow down and notice how your experience changes through the actions you have taken. Make your dreams come true by combining mindfulness and physical action. Co-create your space of ‘success.’ Each day follow one action tip to support the changes you seek!


8.5 x 11 Workbook of Daily Tips to bring focus and success to your intentional goals.

Buy Now and Receive Personal Workbook – $15.00 Canadian


  • Inspired Goal Setting


moonscapeGoals are your purpose. Find yours! Follow this easy guide to set daily goals. Notice that decisions are easier and that you have more to celebrate!  Say yes to you and walk the path of self connection, ease and hopefulness.



8.5 x 11 Workbook for Setting three daily goals aligning with the stages of the moon.

Buy Now & Receive Personal Workbook  – $24.00 Canadian

  • Intouch’s 2017 ‘Roots of Happiness & Success Calendar”

Roots of Happiness Calendar 16


InTouch’s 2017 ‘Roots of Happiness & Success Calendar’
Calendar of Values Workbook that can be used with Intouch Programs or used as personal journal or agenda.



8.5 x 11 Workbook, Calendar or Agenda


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