Inspired 8 Phase Goal Setting

Setting goals inspired by the ancient wisdom of the ancestors evolving from association with the surroundings 


The phases of the moon have been observed for generations. The moons cycle can be a model to observe in co-creating one’s experiences.  It begins with imagination that becomes intention, followed by one’s commitment to one-self leading to conscious action steps.

Turning intentions into goals in alignment with the moons journey from New Moon to New Moon 

The pattern of the moon is a forgiving model when it comes to turning intentions into goals.  One can enjoy this system of integration rather than the dictates of right and wrong, reward and punishment.  This pattern can calm the inner demons of demands and self-judgement that can block action and reduce the mental struggle in taking actions.

The purpose: to create one’s own outcomes with more clarity and fulfillment.

There are 8 goal steps in alignment with the 8-week cycle between a new and full moon. Setting ones purpose following this guide encourages slowing down and becoming mindful of mindfulness of intention prior to taking action with connection to the desired outcome.  This clarity encourages personal self-value and increases one’s connection to intuition and values that lead to equality and co-creation.

This practitioner has found that this model integrates well with the self-development aspects of the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Movement Education and skill development of Awareness through Communication practices.  It enhances personal awareness and increases flexibility and resilience. This is a patter that integrates the inner focus of attention upon two key aspects of conscious function:  intention and motivation.

8 Steps to Achieving with Purpose

Following the 8 phases of the moon cycle

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What is being said about Inspired Goal Setting Workbooks:

Thank you for this gift, Renee
I can imagine ways to use it to help me stay focused on my healing.  There are so many parts to it (exercise, foods and supplements, braces, and other supports, mental attitude, etc) that I find it hard to remember it all every day.  I think your method will really help. Judy

I’ve REALLY enjoyed working with this tool so far!  I am using it to set “goals” for my own self. B

I have enjoyed the small piece of sharp focus.  B

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