Creating a goal target & compass

Acknowledging the direction & aiming focus to achieve it

Awareness through Living Goal Setting Program

Steps 1 and 2 are part of a 6 step action plan to integrate dreams and turn their  intentions into goals.

Creating the Target


The big view is checking in to what one hope to achieve for the coming year.  A simple way of taking this step is to consider being at the end of the year celebrating what quality was achieved.  Some ideas of big views:

  • loosing 100 pounds
  • new, great paying job
  • finding a partner
  • opening ones own business
  • getting a promotion
  • surviving the virus of 2020

This first stage is recognizing the intention.  It is not all the action steps!  This is the pivotal point of change.  It is what is meaningful enough to make those small commitments towards change.

  • Big View – What would you like to accomplish for the coming year?




Creating the Compass

PART # 2

Like the big view this stage now begins to look at the four seasons that consist of 3 months each beginning with fall, winter, spring and summer.  Using the cycle of nature can increase the synchronicity of your own natural states of energy.  Of course goals can start any time during the year.  What this writer is suggesting is that summer is manifestation and usually when business and education are on a break.  If you want to develop a business plan, the action stage would be fall, while winter hums along at the mercy of holidays and the weather, while spring is new growth and busier like the fall season.  Spring does reflect new growth however it also represents summer and deadlines for fall growth and harvest.

  • Goals by Season – Stages of Achieving your Big View Goals

Aligning with nature, the current year began last fall.  If one is considering their goals for the remaining season start first with reflection.  Pause to consider the seeds that where sown that are now the roots of this years experience, even if sown blindly.




Fall:__(Time to Plant the seeds for 2021 constructively)

 The Next steps to make dreams a reality 

The next components are a guide for defining clear action.   The guided pattern provides ease and makes commitment easy and doable.  Turn your monthly intention into daily action goals that align with the focus area of the nine life energies.

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