Awareness thru Goals


‘Goals create Purpose’

Personal goals can turn helplessness and hopelessness into hope!

Goals increase decision making skills & increases motivation.

6 Step Action Plan: 

tap into the intention in your dreams & turn them into doable goals 
  • Step 1 & 2: 

    • Step #1 – Creating the Target 

The target is the big view for the year. A simple way of taking this step is to imagine celebrating in a years time what it is you hope to  have achieved.  Some ideas of big targets:

  • loosing 100 pounds
  • new, great paying job
  • finding a partner
  • opening ones own business
  • getting a promotion

This first stage is recognizing the intention.  It is not all the action steps!  This is the pivotal point of change.  It is what is meaningful enough to make those small commitments towards change.  

  • Step #2 – Creating the Compass

This breaks down the target into sizable chunks with target dates over the year.  

Creating a target goal & compass

  • Step # 3 

    • Balance Nine Life Areas

This step introduces nine separate areas that balance ones lifestyle.  It is the point of reflection for capturing  the purpose for coming actions to achieve what one is truly longing for.  This is the step of balancing right and left brain activities to increase productivity.   

This completed exercise is a foundation step to taking personal actions, the 5th Component of Inspired Goals Setting.

Creating Nine Life Area Balance

  • Step #4

    • Inspired 8 Phase Goal Setting

This fourth step continues to break down the target into doable actions.  It  is divided into 8 phases over the approximate 30 day period the new moon travels through it’s journey to next new moon.  

The lunar cycle is very forgiving and is one of the few goal setting techniques that integrates an alternative to the insidious right, wrong, punishment and rewards culture of other systems.  Can anyone truly be successful without the integration of how to transform behaviours creating self-judgement, comparisons, and  shame and blame?

Inspired 8  Phases Goal Setting 

  • Step #5 

    • Personal actions for daily life influences

The the 5th component of Inspired goal setting is a program that has a focus on daily influences for  personal goal setting.  When married together with Crating Balance in Nine Life areas, this step cultivates the integration of awareness and action planning.  It inspires an environment for making choices, decisions and taking actions with ease.  

Personal actions with a focus on daily life influences

  • Step #6 

    • Mentored Coaching

Achieving goals successfully does not happen in a vacuum.   When one taps into  the container of artful listening and guidance with the  aim is to deepen inner exploration a deeper clarity and commitment is achieved.  This style of mentored coaching increases the potential to minimize limited beliefs and conditions that normally become inner blocks to responding in ones best interests.

Mentored Coaching for Intentional Goals Setting

Mentored coaching is available for each of the programs individually or as learning modules.   These goal  programs components are:
  1. Creating the Target  – Integrative Exercise
  2. Creating the Compass  – Integrative Exercise
  3. Nine Life Area Balance  – Integrative Exercise
  4. 30 Day 8 Phase Goal Setting  – Program
  5. Focused Daily Actions on daily life influences – Program
Inspired Goal Setting  program and exercises integrate well and support:

by Renee Lindstrom

Awareness Through Living Mentoring Programs Available:

 1st Level – Getting Started (Introduction & Pattern)
 2nd Level – Getting Intouch (Experiencing & Connection)
 3rd Level – Integration (Embodiment)

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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