Culture of Values

Cultivating Awareness style learning opportunities for balancing physical, perceptual, emotional & mental bodies. Integration programs for Parents and Educators for home and classroom. Incorporating movement, perception, language and connection. Creating a culture of mindfulness in action and while in reactions. Understanding stimulus, focus of attention and self-discovery.
Tweaking Educational Programs
  • creating  a culture with a focus on intention & connection to what matters
  • learning with a focus on how; the mental environment influences thoughts, the physical environment influences reactions and the body environment influences movement, perception and feelings
Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education:
  • Functional Integration & Awareness through Movement
Kids Peace Bus Calendar of Values
  • Awareness of Values
  • Awareness of Listening
  • Awareness in Speaking
Awareness of Space
  • Connection to Stimulus- Exploring connection to response to environments
Teaching Labyrinth
  • Contemporary Contemplation & Movement Awareness