Expression of 5 Elements

association & expression

Root’s  of knowledge began with our association with the elements of nature. Math, science, design, music notes, color association  and more began with the study of nature and space.


5 Elements

In many eastern traditions and in our Western Aboriginal culture there is an integrated association with nature elements.  What becomes a learning curve for many of us here in the west is a perspective and philosophy for many earth citizens.   The above shapes are universally known qualities in nature.

These elements have been observed in Nature and the following associations have been made:

five elements - shapes destroying cylce

five elements - shapes

These two cycles are used to describe space, images,  characteristics, personalities, experiences and environments.  There are used to inspire, motivate and shift stagnant and chaotic experiences.


yin, yang

References to yin and yang express the feminine and masculine in spaces, qualities, character  and experiences.

Yin Yang qualities

  • Yin Elements:  Metal, Water,
  • Yang Elements:  Fire, Wood
  • Yin/Yang Balance:  Earth

Examples of Elements in ARCHITECTURE

BeFunky Collage Landscape

Click pic for more examples

EXAMPLES of Elements in Clothing

BeFunky Collage white dress


  1. Metal
  2. Metal & Wood Pattern
  3. Metal


  1. Water
  2. Water
  3. Wood


  1.  Fire
Click pic for more examples

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