Element Characteristics

5 Elements


  • Triangle, Volcano’s, Lightening, Sun

Color:  Red, Strong yellows, purples, pink & orange

Direction:  South – Upward & Expansive

Action: Socialization – Marketing – Wisardry

Gender:  Male energy

Qualities:  Strength, persistent, aggressive, impulsiveness, impatient,. dynamic

Human Characteristics: Enthusiastic, creative, warm, passionate, fun, mischievous, excitable

Emotions:  Hate/Joy

Earth – turning of each season

  • Square, Plains, meadow, low rises, rugs, tapestry

Color:  Light yellow, sand, skin colors

Direction:  Center, north east, south west

Action: Peacemaker, Protector, Human Resources

Gender:  Balance of male/female

Qualities:  Damp, Nourishment, Stability

Human Characteristics: Thoughtfulness, patience, nurturing, hard working, stable, harmony, warm, king, ambitious,  stubborn, long-term planning,  responsible

Emotions:  Wary/Empathy


  • Round, Gold, silver, copper, rocks, crystal, (natural), marble

Colour:  White & Grey

Direction:  West, North West

Action:  Precision, Organizer, Judge, Alchemist

Gender:  Female

Qualities:  Unyielding, rigidity, strength, persistent, contained, clean

Human Characteristics:  Controlling, ambitious, forceful, set in ways, strong, self-reliant, problem solver

Emotions:  Grief/Courage


  • Irregular shapes

Color:  Back & blue

Direction:  East

Action: Innovator, Philosopher, Thinker, Meditative

Gender:  Female

Qualities:  Intelligence, Wisdom, Softness, Flexibility

Human Characteristics: Reserved, creative, cool, still, deeply reflective, ease

Emotions:  Fear/Calmness


  • Plants, trees, animals, natural fabrics, wood

Color:  Brown, Green

Direction:  East

Action: Leadership

Gender:  Male

Qualities:  Strength, flexible, determined, growing & expanding, life, spring, birds, sensuality

Human Characteristics: altruism, aggressive, assertive, direct, strong, drive, outgoing, socially conscious

Emotions:  Anger/Patience

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