5 Elements

5 Elements in Eastern Culture Philosophy are:

5 Elements

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These elements have been observed in Nature and the following 3 cycle associations have been made:

1.  Nurturing Cycles

five elements - shapes

2.  Draining Cycle

5 Element Draining Cycle

3.  Destructive or Controlling Cycle

5 Element Destructive Cycle

These three cycles are used to describe space, images,  characteristics, personalities, experiences and environments.  There are used to inspire, motivate and shift stagnant and chaotic experiences.

I loved hearing from one of my Eastern students describe their experience with a friend.  She told me that her friend was square, while she was round and that they were experiencing difficulty in connecting.

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Explore ways to integrate 5 Element Landscape Design in your living experiences.  Call or email us today – 250-361-7508 or renee@insideawareness.com.

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