Language of Nature

Root’s  of knowledge began with our association of the elements of nature. Math, science, design, music notes, color association  and more began with the study of patterns in nature and space.

In Chinese divination philosophy, the tortoise is the foundation of  the cycle of creation – birth, life, death and rebirth.  Legends suggest the tortoise is the source of the I Ching – The Book of Changes an ancient divining system and oldest book in the world.

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Turtle 4

Photographer – Dianne Donahue


8 Trigrams & 64 Hexigrams became a discovery of something implicit in the cosmic order.  Source of binary code used in computers today! YinYang

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Magic Squares – The Lo Shu square  is viewed as a harmonious blend of  9 archetypal principles of numbers and a cosmological plan of time and space that reflects the order of the universe.

Bagua - Magic Squares

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5 Elements

5 Elements

In many eastern traditions and in our Western Aboriginal culture there is an integrated association with nature elements.  What becomes a learning curve for many of us here in the west is a perspective and philosophy for many earth citizens.   The above shapes are universally known qualities in nature.

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yin, yang

References to yin and yang express the feminine and masculine in spaces, qualities, character  and experiences.



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