Root Chakra


by Renee Lindstrom

Located:  Base of the spine, the pelvic floor &  first three vertebrae

Colour:  Energizing & Emotional

Sense:  Smell


The Base Chakra, also known as the 1st chakra, governs one’s  personal survival and basic needs for shelter, food, water and safety.  It represents one’s origins, roots, family tree.  This chakra can be used to remove toxins.

Mentally and emotionally it governs motivation, groundedness, power, creativity, will power, aliveness, courage, and feelings towards ones own  physical body.

Body Associations:  blood, circulation, blood pressure, and vitality

Effects when  Chakra is out of balance

  • Emotional:
    • anxiety disorders, primal fear/terror of letting go, anger and insecurity, loss of trust
  • Mental:
    • nightmares, eating disorders, basic thoughts of survival (basic necessities:  food, shelter, water), self-centered, greed, loss or failure, violence
  • Physical:
    • lack of support, immune system, rectum, elimination, constipation, prostate, colon, lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, legs, knee pain, feet pain, bladder, skin disorders, degenerative arthritis, anemia, low vitality, tensions in spine, constipation, violence

Figure 1

The emotional grouping in Figure 1 can be eased by Awareness through Movement® Lessons that focus on increasing ones awareness and available movement in the lower moving body parts in relation to the pelvis and counterbalance of upper parts.  This includes toes, feet (top & bottom), ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs and hip joints.

Root Chakra Awareness thru Movement® 

The guided patterns of Awareness through Movement® lessons can increase the internal sense of support by increasing the capacity to feel supported from the inside out.  In our culture our educational  and environmental designs have unconsciously encouraged the loss of connection with the sensory awareness of feeling ones own physical support through the lower half of ones body parts.  This loss of physical feeling of those parts,  that relate to direct action, would increase the stimulation in the brain in the area which focuses upon survival.

Try this example experience of 7 steps to get in touch with your somatic awareness capabilities:

  1. In standing position shift your weight from side to side, into one foot first and then over to the other.   Repeat many times.
  2.  Pause a moment and notice if you have become more aware of your feet.
  3.  Now continue to shift your weight from side to side and bring your attention to your whole body movement.  Are you tilting your whole body left and right and back again?  if so, stop a moment and then begin again, only this time thrust your pelvis to the side instead of tilting your upper body.  Notice the weight in your feet as you thrust your pelvis from side to side.
  4. Pause a moment and notice where your attention is going.
  5. Come back a couple of times thrusting your pelvis from side to side and notice what you sense in your back, hips, legs and feet.
  6.  Now go back to your original movement of tilting from side to side.  Notice the quality in each of the two different movements.
  7.  Stop and notice your feet and legs to check in on any changes in your perception.

This is a small example of waking up to conscious awareness through movement that is available when you explore the Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic experiencing.  In this example one can focus on the lower body movements that increases counterbalancing the upper and lower movements that will quiet the minds fear arising from lack of mobility issues.

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