Eating with the Stars


Gravitational pull of our Moon & surrounding Star influences

Eating with the stars is an easy and novel way to integrate an on-going variety of foods to support physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Moon Physical Influences & Alignment with Food

The physical body has a high water content that could be affected similarly to the earth’s tide response to the gravitational pull of the moon.  The moon is known to create the high and low tides as it and the earth rotate.  It is commonly known that this same gravitational pull  has an influence on our nature as well.      Eating with the moons daily journey through the star formations  aligns their influences with the body’s  organs, glands, body parts, emotions, and reactions.  Influences astrologers have long identified with the Astrological signs.

Moon Calendar Alignment with Foods 

The moon travels through each star constellation for a period of two to three days and Eating with the Stars follows this calendar with food suggestions to balance mental, emotional and physical functions.    Each sign has a variety of carb and no carb days, meat and no meat days, dairy and no dairy days, and coffee and no coffee days and with specific ones for consuming alcohol or not.  There are also a variety of suggested veggies, fruits and spices for each sign.

Personal Eating Plan Calendar & Integrative Workbook

Learn more about Eating through the Start by exploring a 30 Day Workbook  to begin to integrate foods  that are better for the astrological sign influencing the daily calendar.

How to get started

Step #1:  Get copy of Guided Daily Eating Plan

  • 30 day guide

Step #2 – Get started on 3 Part Food Lifestyle Coaching  

Part #1:  Intro to Guide

  1. Intro to intentional food focusing & mindfulness
    • Explore food & function

Part #2:  Food & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Empathy Coaching
    • Weekly check in for integration & support
      • Explore mental stories creating  emotional blocks

Part #3:  Accountability Coaching

  • Accountability check in for stimulating self-confidence & inner connection
    • Choice of daily or weekly

One month Mentored Eating with the Stars Coaching

Eating plan and workbook Intro to intentional food focusing & mindfulness, Empathy Coaching, Weekly check i& Accountability check in.


This program integrates well and deepens the learning experiences in these  learning modules:

by Renee LindstromAwareness Through Food Mentoring Programs Available:

 1st Level – Getting Started (Introduction & Pattern)
 2nd Level – Getting Intouch (Experiencing & Connection)
 3rd Level – Integration (Embodiment)

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