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Eating for your body, mind & emotional health

You are what and how you eat

After a lifetime of taking food for granted I have learned that each functional body part needs different nutritional values.  This news may have been available earlier in my life through nutritionists, etc, however I didn’t tap into hearing it in a way that I could integrate it.  As a matter of fact when I went to my own Doctor  practitioner of Western Medicine, Herbology and Acupuncture,  to inquire about a good eating plan her only comment was to eat grains.  This was a wasted digolgue and it was discouraging and unhelpful.  There wasn’t even a suggestion of what grains or eating plan!

Becoming aware of how different physical, mental & emotional  functions respond differently to a variety of nutritional values

Adding new foods to shift my own eating habits was never long lasting until I became aware of changes in different areas of my physical, mental and emotional function. This type of change didn’t start until I became curious enough to  explore, like a self-directed science experiment.  I have found this to be the only action to integrate lasting change to habits of eating.

curiosity, interest & exploration

For me the difference has been tapping into the right side brain qualities of curiosity and exploring mind.  I have noticed in myself and in my students this creates an effortlessness in actions for a change.  The old stories in ones head isn’t micromanaging the experience and creating unnecessary feelings.   This leaves space for experimenting and noticing the experience itself with no expectations or precepts.    This is engaged learning focused on the unknown with a focus on observing inside to notice any changes.  It’s what I call, ” going beyond what is already known.”  This style of learning doesn’t carry the burden of judgments, rules, labels, assessments, comparisons and shouldn’ts.

engaging with food for effortless learning 

This lack of mental agitation left space to focus the mind’s attention on felt senses (touch, taste, smell, visual, and auditory).   This is the same mindfulness learning that I have come to rely on through the practice of Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education.

I have found that cultivating awareness through a focus on the present moment of action is the simplest way to change a chronic habit.  A habit that is so familiar it is not easily recognized.  Old habits of learned behaviour can be centered on a closed perspective a belief, opinion or philosophy.  Working with students, and clients I have witnessed how old habits of closed states of thinking can create resistance to any attempt to consider and add new nutritional sources to one’s eating plan.  Here are some  left brain dominant learning behavioural outcomes I would like to introduce that consume time, energy and finances:  

  • The labels that have been formed in ones mind convinces one that this is their life.  Rather than explore change in one’s own lifestyle behaviour, solutions are sought out from authorities to feed the diagnosis.  The information being heard from the authority will be assessed, analysed and compared to what one has already concluded themselves.    The practitioner will most likely not be heard and the practical solutions will be treated as a cure versus a lifestyle change.  
  • Culturally the pattern has been a trend based upon self-image versus learning about what foods create a higher function.  This model has been filtered through fashion and media.  There are an abundance of products for conditions such as weight loss, increasing sleep, improving bodily functions, etc.  These supplements are not an eating plan and sometimes they need to be taken three to four times a day in some cases.  They usually sit on the shelf after the first few days especially if no immediate difference in one’s condition is  evident.
  • Another cultural pattern that has been overstated is eating sliced carrots, cucumbers and celery as the source of nutrition.  Remember those cold veggie plates.  I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had where I have been told that these are the healthy foods one is turning to for nutritional value.  Culturally a pattern has been created through long term media campaigns that these are the sources of nutrition and I am finding many closed to hearing that one’s body, mind and emotions need a greater variety of nutritional sources.

A self-directed exploration has no baggage.  The focus is on experiencing the changes.

Right & Left Brain Balance through patterns of learning 

Non-judgement model

Models of learning begin in the now with focus on acceptance.  Whether one is fit, longs to become fitter, an athlete or has limited mobility this is the starting point.  It is unique and no one else is at this starting point.  If one can use their skill of comparison to focus on what they are sensing in this moment and then use it as a basis for to check in sometime after adding new foods the inner changes become conscious, just like in weighing oneself.  The difference of cultivating this inner awareness is that an inner connection to function begins to actively grow consciously.     This is similar to measuring oneself when longing to lose weight.  One cannot feel the weight disappear.  They can observe the scale dial though.  I am suggesting another way of noticing weight loss is to notice the changes within the body.   One way is focused upon self image and a left brain activity while the other has a focus on functional learning which is  a combination of right-left brain balanced activity.    

If you are interested in harnessing the right-left brain balance for changing your eating style through learning versus self-judgments. Explore and experience starting point gals suggestions.


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