1.  Art of Communicating


Influences to relationships, emotional, mental & physical states of being

be present in the moment

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 nurture inside & outside  connections

2.  Embracing Food & Loving Self


Influences to emotional, mental, physical states of being

mental, emotional & physical  balance with food

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 appreciate food connection with body, mind & spirit

3.  Lifestyle Infusion – Embracing Life

Integration to increase potential 

empowered action

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Thoughtful action for embodying life purpose

4.  Environment


Environment influences to states of being; relationships, mental, emotional & physical

increase flow

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become explorer of  illusive outside  influences

#5.  Movement

Influences to relationships, emotional, mental & physical states of being

movement experience increasing alertness of functional  actions

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Cultivating awareness of human function & experience that is simple, focused and alive

by Renee Lindstrom

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