Inspired Goals in Rhythm of Nature

Feminine Moon & Masculine Sun 

Slowing down to check in to what it is you are longing for is what you could call a, ‘feminine or moon-like action’, while taking action is a ‘masculine or sun-like one’.   When co-creating your purpose with intentional goals, there is a balance of both inward reflections and outward action.  

from Inspired Goal Setting Workbook

 Moon Phases for Inspired Goal Setting


January 2017 begins in a Crescent Moon.  This moon cycle is one of intentions, hopes and wishes.  A great way to begin the new year and write out your hopes and dreams in rhythm with  your new year.  In 2016 January began with a last quarter moon phase which represents a time for release and letting go of these circumstances as best as you can and releasing them to the universe finding forgiveness.


 Using the phase of the moon, Inspired Goal Setting creates ease through it’s references to apply to one’s calendar of monthly and daily goals, making them more doable and more achievable!

Included in this program is the considering of waning and waxing moon cycles!  

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Inspired Goal Setting Workbook for 2017 – written by Renee Lindstorm