Part two of Learning to Learn through Spoken Word

Integrating the Model

Opportunities to enjoy the spoken word through practical applications

Integration tools include developing skills using activities to engage both the right and left brain qualities.  These applications will introduce new patterns to give one choice in those moments that are alive with spoken words.  Through spoken word students will learn to pause mindfully to have a choice in how they engage to better hear themselves and others.  Participants are reminded that each sentence has a hidden message that begins with with the speaker’s intention even if the speaker isn’t identifying it themselves.  Through practice one can learn to connect to that message.  The power in doing so eliminates taking another’s comments personally.  

Through an adults lens now begin to explore:

  • the value of pausing, slowing down and checking in with one-self
  • value of time-outs to self-connect before speaking in alive and overwhelming dialogues
  • the value of breaking down experiences to replace reacting from habit
  • universal values and personal definitions
  • how to understanding differences in opinions, perspectives, believes and opinions
  • making requests to get your needs met 
  • having choice 
  • how be empowered in relationships with no more feeling power under in situations, or powering through without being fair to others

Fall in love with your spoken word and speak through this heartfelt experience

Inner awareness

Remember it begins with nurturing  an environment for mindfulness in what is alive now in the current moment

Personal Note by Renee Lindstrom:  As a Feldenkrais Practitioner® I have observed how what we think can be observed in our bodies physically.  As a Communication, Empathy Coach and long-term mindfulness meditator I have observed how what we think creates false emotions and reactions.

In most conditions I witness how early educational patterns have molded ways of thinking that restrict health and wellness opportunities.  Therefore recovery is limited and the healing journey fraught with effort.  The mental function is overstimulated and it tries to control all levels of function.  This eliminates organic function and whole healing.  It becomes a mental crisis that increases the likelihood of layering physical conditions with mental ones, emotional ones and spiritual ones.  Each body of function influences the other yet has its own separate focus point.


In Awareness through Communication the objective is to actively respond to the aliveness now in the current moment.  Cultivating this mindfulness skill is by learning the difference of being presence now in the current moment and differentiate it from long and short term memories that are not focused in the present moment.


Experience more joy, calm  and pleasure in conversations and the spoken word.

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Awareness through Spoken Word integrates well and supports:
  • Awareness through Eating Programs
  • Awareness through Food Programs
  • Awareness through Goals
  • Awareness through Living  Programs
  • Awareness through Movement Programs
  • Awareness through Space Programs

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