Part three of Learning to Learn through Spoken Word

Changing the cultural communication environment one sentence at a time 

Levels of Awareness that are cultivated through these three parts to Learning to Learn through Communication 

Learning the pattern in part one stimulates the left brain and plants the seeds of understanding that there are choices in how one responds.

Practicing the model in part two integrates a new behavioural response.

Now in part three one can tap into the actual experience of Learning to Learn through Communication.

Reaching this level of Awareness through Communication, one can begin to experience spontaneous action.  As a child learning was spontaneous to the experience that was active.  There was no expectation of an event about to happen nor a memory bank of old experiences.  Achieving this level designed for cultivating ones awareness there can be opportunities to tap back into this active spontaneity.  In the past two decades others have tried to use terms to describe this real time experience using labels such as heartfelt connection, or language of the heart.  Unfortunately labels create false misconceptions.

The reality is that one’s internal language creates experiences that can influence emotions, mental activity, perceptions, physical challenges and levels of aliveness one senses.   This internal language is actively trying to make a connection to a valuable need one has.  In this model a need is based upon a universal value.  For example, a need for respect, a need for recognition  or a need for shelter.  In part ones pattern one becomes aware of value needs.  In part two one begins to identify these value needs at the root source of reactions.  Now in level three being honest to the moment is the focus.  The space is created to encourage one to begin expressing actively what is alive in them in the now, the current moment. 

A focus of attention of  part three if on learning to tap into an inner safe space in any moment to create a gap between the event that is happening and responding so one can choose how to respond. There are only two choices.  One is  responding randomly with no conscious awareness.  This choice has no inner connection to the intention of why and how one is responding.  It’s simply reactive behaviour.  This reaction creates or deepens conflict.  The second choice is to connect to the source of what one is experiencing and then consciously speak with intention.  The second choice has the opportunity to be heard in order to resolve differences and meet value needs.

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