Part one of Learning to Learn through Spoken Word

The Pattern

Cutting through the materialism of ego

The pattern is a unique and novel way of interrupting the thought process to shift spoken language into using words that begin to do no harm.

  • Part one of this first step in this learning systems is to become familiar with identifying types of thoughts that create reactions of discontent and conflict.
    • These ways of thinking are deeply embedded into cultural thinking and the neural pathways of the our brains. 
  • Part two of step one is to learn how we use these types of thoughts in our own speech.
    • We only have the power to change ourselves
  • Part three of this first step is transform this habitual way of responding using a new pattern that leads to self-connection and connection with others.
    • This pattern turns disconnection into connection.

Every conversation creates an environment for our experiences

This dialogue  could be outside with others or inside our head.  Early educational patterns of thinking are now our inner foundation and source for responding through our bodies of function.  This means as adults we may still be reacting from the lens of a child in our physical, emotional and mental responses.

Personal Note by Renee Lindstrom:  As a Feldenkrais Practitioner® I have observed how what we think can be observed in our bodies physically.  As a Communication, Empathy Coach and long-term mindfulness meditator I have learned that what we think creates false emotions and reactions. 

In most conditions that present themselves to me I witness how early educational patterns have molded ways of thinking that restrict health and wellness opportunities.  Therefore recovery is limited and the healing journey fraught with effort.  The mental function is overstimulated and trying to control all levels of function which eliminates organic function and whole healing.  It becomes a mental crisis.   

The objective

In Awareness through Communication the objective is to actively respond to the aliveness in the present moment.  Cultivating this mindfulness skill is through learning the difference of being presence in the current moment and differentiate it from memories that are not active in the moment.


Experience more joy and pleasure in conversations and the spoken word.

Part two of Learning to Learn through Communication

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Awareness through Spoken Word integrates well and supports:
  • Awareness through Eating Programs
  • Awareness through Food Programs
  • Awareness through Goals
  • Awareness through Living  Programs
  • Awareness through Movement Programs
  • Awareness through Space Programs

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