Renee Lindstrom

Renee Lindstrom lives in Victoria, B.C., located on Vancouver Island.

She shares self actualization techniques for self-connection, and developing conscious inner awareness.  Her philosophy is that when personal connection is made to what is meaningful inside, the outside changes.  An example of this she experiences with her clients and workshop and class participants are the moments when a connection is made to what matters in the moment, there is a longing to take the steps towards achieving successful relationships and preserving our planet. Read more 

Coming from a family background of conflict, pain and suicide from right and wrong thinking, Renee passionately began to study relationships for clarity and understanding.  Having children in the early 90’s, her passion began to include what was happening in the world around her that would have a future effect upon her children’s lives.  This planted the seeds that social change begins inside first.

Renee’s belief is that personal learning is a legacy that we can leave our children and create peace and sustainability in the next generation.  Our children learn from our patterns and modelling and wisdom would be exploring both aggressive and passive violence that is culturally learned in how we think, perceive and express.  This will be the skill for creating change that will meet personal needs and that of our global citizens.

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2007

Integrative Practical Learning Practice of Nonviolent Communication since 2004

Subtle Energy Solutions since 2001 

Son’s Milling Organic Wholesalers  – 11 years

Hotel  & Hospitality Industry – 15 years

      • Delta Hotels
      • Coast Hotels
      • Sheraton Hotels
      • Dorchester Hotel
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