Here are some frequent questions Renee Lindstrom at Inside receives that may also answer your questions.

1.  How do I get started?

You can begin your ‘learning journey’ with personal coaching appointments or by registering for group workshops.

2.  What is the difference between a personal

       appointment and a workshop?

In a personal coaching appointment you will be supported by one on one guidance  in  either movement integration or relationship enrichment.  It becomes a personal guided coaching session.

In a workshop you will be learning independently  through guided awareness techniques in a group of workshop participants.

3.  Would it be better to do both?  

By all means!  Workshops treat the mind to the novelty of learning and personal appointments treat the body-mind fitness connection to learning through the experience.  By combining both change integration will be deeper and quicker.

4.  Who would benefit?

Anyone who wants to have a better life experience and learn to be more consciously aware.    These techniques increase personal aliveness,  life force, energy.  Movement is enhanced and relationships are improved!

5.  Do you have personal coaching programs?  

Yes there are specific programs available for life areas that you may wish to improve.  Personal Coaching is available in the areas of  setting goals for improving self-esteem, family, relationships, business and lifestyle.     Coaching in movement programs include improved breathing, balance,  shoulder action, walking, sitting, standing, sleeping and releasing TMJ (Jaw), etc.  

Mentoring programs are also available! 

6.  Could these techniques be shared in the workplace

        or in education? 

Definitely!  Not only do these guided learning techniques increase one’s personal experience these programs improve workplace relationship and customer service.  It is also an asset in education!

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